Mobile Infusion Technology System – MITS

Achieve Deeper Knowledge of Your Vacuum Infusion Process.

The Montalvo engineered Mobile Infusion Technology System aka MITS Table is an analysis tool meant to characterize problems associated with vacuum infusion process (VIP) manufacturing. It does this by providing an environment where variables during the infusion process can be both controlled and clearly observed.

Mobile Infusion Vaccum Technology System for VIP Testing

Mobile Infusion Vacuum Technology System for VIP Testing

MITS Table Features

  • Customize-able to Meet Your Requirements
  • Transparent Glass Surface with Grid Measurement System
  • Heated Surface with Range to 85°C Using Standard 110V Outlet
  • 2 Digital Cameras for Simultaneous Top and Bottom Surface Video Recording
  • Underside Lighting
  • Track System for Camera and Hose Placement
  • Resin Reservoir Shelf
  • Standard Operating Procedure Manual


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