• LS5 Laser Sensor

    LS5 Laser Sensor

  • LS5 Laser Sensor

    LS5 Laser Sensor with Protective Lens

  • LS5 Laser Sensor

    LS5 Laser Sensor on Mounting Bracket

LS5 Laser Sensor

Simple to install and calibrate, with flexible mounting options, the LS5 Laser provides maximum sensing capability in any situation. Designed to detect short and long ranges while remaining highly stable, the LS5 provides the constant feedback you require for accurate, quality diameter feedback.





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Simplified Setup
OLED display, large indicator, auto tuning, NPN/PNP switching ability, analog output option.

Adjustable beam spot allows users to fine-tune the sensor from any distance

Flexible Mounting options
Optional adjustable mounting bracket and ability to mount near or far from target horizontally, vertically or diagonally

Mutual Interference prevention
Allows for multiple units in close proximity whether single or multiple targets

Ambient Light resistance
Prevents effects of factory and other light sources up to 100,000 lux


Custom Time of Flight technology
Offers consistently stable detection over long distances regardless of web material

DATUM function
Allows detection of any target in front of the beam even if return beam is prevented

Focus Detection capability
Greatly reduces the influences of surrounding objects

For additional information on the LS5 Laser Sensor please download the Datasheet.


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