Industry Innovation

Montalvo has brought industry innovation to a new level introducing products & technologies that give its customers greater ability, functionality, opportunity, productivity, and profitability.

The company maintains its lead in the industry by continually endeavoring to understand customer’s problems and processes and creating innovative solutions to their web tension control problems.

Popular Innovations

Variable Wrap Angle Technology
Variable Wrap Angle Technology™, a Montalvo exclusive, improves on conventional web tension measurement and control by eliminating the need for isolation of the tension sensing roll with a lead-in or lead-out idler roll, saving money and valuable machine real estate.

Range Expansion
Range expansion gives you unparalleled control over your unwind while at the same time allowing you to run the widest range and tensions for different materials. Range expansion allows you to run multiple types of materials on one machine, gain greater control at lower torque ranges, run high mass rolls at lighter tensions such as films and foils, run low torque and tension applications that require high torque to stop, such as sheeters, or simply reduce overall friction pad wear.

Custom Products

More Innovations That Changed the Industry