U4 Open Loop-Diameter Based Tension Controller

U4 Open Loop-Diameter Based Tension Controller

The U4 brings advanced features (typically found only in closed-loop control systems) such as soft start, anti-coast, and taper tension, to open loop tension control. Compatible with a variety of inputs, the U4 ensures accurate tension control from full roll to core in open loop control systems.

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Unwind or Rewind Tension Control

Compatible with Ultra-sonic sensors, proximity switches, laser sensors & rider arms

Compatible with Pneumatic or Electric Brakes & Clutches

Available as a Surface Mount or Panel Mount

Compatible with Motor Controllers

Soft Start: Minimizes tension upsets during start up

Anti Coast: Prevents web tension from dropping during rapid deceleration

Taper: Gradually reduces tension on your material as your roll builds on the rewind, eliminating telescoping, starred rolls, or crushed cores

Splice: Maintains tension on materials during flying splice, resulting in successful splices without tension changes

Trim Adjust: Increase or decrease the amount of output to your torque device to maintain required tension

0-10 V or 4-20 mA Outputs

Imperial or Metric Set-up

Material Recall Memory
Save up to 9 groups of tension parameters for immediate recall to get your machine up and running quickly.

Set It & Forget It Technology
With a few key button presses your machine operates at maximum efficiency without constant monitoring.

Enhanced Productivity from Shift to Shift
Standardized settings combined with the stored tension parameters gets your application up & running quicker while eliminating variations in productivity from shift to shift.

Programmable Diameter Alarms
Programmable high and low diameter alarm for slowing & stopping your roll based on set diameters.

For additional information on the U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Tension Controller please download the U4 Datasheet.


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