Another busy week for Montalvo

Wow, we are coming off another busy week for Montalvo! One primary accomplishment for our field service team consisted of completing another upgrade of a customer’s E.C.H. Will Sheeter. This massive machine’s job is to take multiple rolls of paper up to 60″ wide and
close to 5,000 lbs and cut them down to the 8 1/2 “x11” reams you buy for your laser printer.
Built initially to do this with tension control provided by huge dancer arms and caliper brake systems that required being controlled manually, this line was more than due for an upgrade. These brakes are inefficient for the task as they lack the heat dissipation that long runs at high speeds demand and require continuous maintenance resulting in downtime.

Caliper Brake

Dancer rollers with hydraulic control system











V Brakes
The high-speed, high-torque application required Montalvo’s patented 400 series V Brakes with an integral fan cover. These brakes are designed for continuous operation and rapid heat dissipation. This upgrade allows the machine to run longer and faster, resulting in less downtime and reduced scrap.

V Brake Installation










P4 Range Expander with the Z4 Tension Controller
Control of these brakes runs through the Montalvo P4 Range Expander with the Z4 Tension Controller. This platform of tension control provides modularity over four ranges allowing the braking system to perform within its optimal range. The end customer can now run multiple types of materials and tensions on one machine, gain greater control at lower torque ranges, run high mass rolls at lighter tensions, and run low torque and tension applications that require high torque to stop.

Go Team Montalvo!

Go Team Montalvo!










ES loadcells
Montalvo’s ES loadcells were used on this project to provide precise & reliable tension measurement and feedback. Scaled for up to 1000lbs, Montalvo’s ES loadcells continuously read tension fluctuations over rollers installed into positions replacing the bulkier dancer rollers and their hydraulic control system.

Z4 controllers
Master control of this system comes together in a customized control cabinet housing six Montalvo Z4 controllers with HMI interface for operator interaction. These controllers have an almost unlimited range of settings allowing you to control operations like soft starts, which minimize tension upsets during start-up. Anti-Coast settings can prevent web tension from dropping during rapid deceleration. Web Break Detection with programmable alarms can stop the machine should a break occur, reducing waste and productivity loss. Progressive gain control ensures uniform stability from full roll down to the core.

Z4 Controllers

Z4 Controllers

V Brake finished

Finished system running

Running Video








Do you have an E.C.H Will Sheeter or similar machine that can benefit from Montalvo upgrades? Contact your local representative today for a quote.