Can a Tension Control System Pay for Itself Before Installation? Yes.

Can a Tension Control Package Pay for Itself Before You Even Factor in Your Productivity Gains and Process Benefits?


Our Torque Sensing Control System (TSC) eliminates the needs for load cells, dancers, isolation rollers, and larger machine space.

torque sensing control system with ultrasonic sensor option

TSC System with US4 Option

Add it all up and compare it to the cost of a TSC System and the TSC can often pay for itself before you even install it just based on what you won’t need.

Factor in the process and productivity gains you will receive through the TSC and the benefits are even greater.

The TSC delivers the nearest closed loop levels of tension control performance of any open loop system

Perfect for new machine builds and upgrading the capabilities of your existing machine our Torque Sensing Control System delivers for first time ever in an open loop control system, a precise, reliable tension reference that operators can use to ensure consistent, high quality production runs.

Check out our video to see just how the TSC System works with an in depth visual overview

This patent pending technology features:

  • Easy Installation, Set Up & Operation
  • Allows for Reduced Machine Build Cost
  • Easily Integrates Into Existing Machines
  • Smooth, Precise, Repeatable Tension Control from Full Roll to Core
  • Compact, Space Saving Tension Control Package
  • Performance Driven, High Quality Components
  • Customized Packaging – Only Utilize the System Components You Require

TSC System Components can include:

  • TS Torque Sensor
  • V / CS Series Brake
  • U4 Tension Controller
  • US4 Ultrasonic Sensor / Proximity Sensors
  • M4 Analog Tension Meter
  • MPC4 I/P Converter

Learn more about the Montalvo Torque Sensing Control System.