Creel Racks for Composites Manufacturing

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Montalvo Creel Racks with Pneumatic Brake and Motor Options

Creel Racks with Pneumatic Brake and Motor Options

Whether it’s retrofitting your existing creel to add a cost effective, automated, closed loop tension control system, or fabricating a new creel rack, Montalvo has the experience and capabilities to deliver.

From small scale to large scale, get the high performing, high quality creel rack you require to “start strong” in your manufacturing process.

  • Built to Suit – Get the Exact Solution You Require
  • Industry Leading Tension Control Components Incorporated
  • Multiple Torque Control Options
    • Pneumatic Brake Control
    • Motor Control
  • Configurable Cores (length, diameter, etc.)
  • Retrofit Options
    • Montalvo can upgrade your existing creel rack to incorporate tension control components and systems.

Montalvo builds tension control optimized creel racks for higher performing processes with greater productivity, less waste, and higher quality end product.

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montalvo custom tension control components and machinery

Montalvo Custom Product and Machine Solutions

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With over 73 years in the business, Montalvo and its engineers, sales team and applications specialists have worked with just about every kind of tension application in use. If you require something special, Montalvo will work with you to engineer a custom solution to meet your tension control needs. Let us consult with you on your next project.