Improving Slitter-Winder Performance on Differential Winding Shafts with the X-3400 Controller

X-3400 Series Controllers

X-3400 Series Controllers

Montalvo X-3400 controller is the perfect solution for your differential rewinding control applications.

When considering upgrading your slitter winder for differential rewinding capabilities, selecting the proper winding shafts is only part of the equation. The differential shafts will allow the cores to slip, but controlling the amount of slip, and the torque transferred to the cores needs to be considered carefully as well.

In order to ensure successful differential winding, you must consider your shaft requirements carefully. You must also consider how the machine will deal with providing the correct amount of overspeed rotation for the winding shafts, along with adjusting the torque levels to wind a quality roll with the proper amount of taper tension. By considering the control system as well, only then will you be able to fully take advantage of the benefits differential winding has to offer.

The Montalvo X-3400 Rewind Tension Controller, part of the Montalvo CB-64 family of tension controllers, will precisely regulate the torque levels transferred to the rolls, no matter what the slit width is, and control the overspeed required for the rewind motor to ensure minimal core dusting, eliminate overheating, increase the lifespan of the winding shafts, and simplify the entire winding process for quality results every time.

The system requires that the machine have separate rewind motor drives from the main machine motor. This will work for either a simple (single-shaft) rewind or a duplex (two-shaft) rewind. Other requirements include an analog rewind diameter reference (from an ultrasonic or laser sensor), a load cell-based tension reference, an analog line speed reference from the main drive, and an I/P converter to adjust air shaft core pressure.

The Montalvo X-3400 Rewind Controller uses the line speed reference and the diameter reference to automatically maintain precise overspeed regulation to the rewind motors. This ensures that proper tension is maintained, and the slip differential (typically 50-60 RPM) between the shaft and the inside of the cores is consistent from the core, all the way up to the full roll diameter. The controller then uses the load cell signal to adjust and maintain precise rewind tension, including the proper amount of taper tension to ensure consistent, quality rewound rolls time after time, shift after shift.

Because the Montalvo X-3400 Rewind Controller manages the rewind motor speed, simple and inexpensive rewind drive controls and motors are all that is required. No complex digital drives are necessary. The system is available as a circuit-board installation, perfect for integrating with existing operator interfaces, or as a stand-alone operator station.

Make the most of your investment in differential winding shafts. Partner with the proven, world-class tension management experts at Montalvo to ensure your total success.

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