Wire and Cable Tension Control

The demand on wire and cable manufacturers is ever changing, and that demand is requiring manufacturers to do more with their existing machines, receive more information about their process, increase automation, reduce scrap, and increase productivity. From running multiple types of material on the same machine to running thinner and thinner materials, wire and cable manufacturers need to be able to Achieve More.

Adding or upgrading the web tension control components of your machine is often the exact solution required to meet and exceed that ever changing demand while increasing end product quality, and expanding your machine’s capabilities.

Expand Machine CapabilitiesRun Various Materials on One MachineRecord Process Run/Material DataIncrease AutomationImprove End Product QualityEasier Operator Set Up

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Automation for the Modern Era

Do It all on One Machine

Often we find wire and cable machines have minimal or outdated tension control components and are experiencing a variety of process challenges affecting their end product quality and ability to meet changing demands. This results in operators continually having to make adjustments throughout the production run. The consequences of this are inconsistent end product, lower quality end product, lower productivity, and lack of process knowledge.

Montalvo’s web tension control solutions brings the latest tension control technology to the wire and cable industry, automating the process and reducing operator interaction, while decreasing set up time through saved process parameters and making operation easier than ever

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Closed Loop and Open Loop Control Tension Control

Cost Effective Solutions to Meet the Needs of Your Specific Application

Closed Loop Tension Control

Create a continuous, automated, easy to operate system with direct tension measurement from your web of material to maintain precise tension from full roll to core every single time.

Torque Sensing Control System (Open Loop)

Automated, precise, high quality tension control without load cells or a dancer. For the first time ever in an open loop control system, you get a precise, reliable tension reference that operators can use to ensure consistent, high quality production runs. Performance, convenience, and productivity delivered.

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Tailored Upgrade Packages

In order to compete with today’s new machines, older machines need increased performance, expanded capability, and added functionality. Typically, all the benefits of a new machine can be achieve through a strategic upgrade of the tension control components or your existing machine. For a fraction of the cost of a new machine, Montalvo makes your current machine run like new, giving you the productivity and profitability increases you require.

The Experience You Depend On
Montalvo has designed specific total tension control upgrade packages unique to the requirements of Wire/Cable manufacturing. With years of experience upgrading various Wire and Cable machines, Montalvo has both the technical expertise and the knowledge to deliver long term, cost effective, reliable results with a quick return on investment.

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