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Brake Noise
What is Your Time Worth?
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Brake Noise: An in-depth look
Learn more about and how to prevent brake noise.

“Sound is created by vibration. With dry-friction applications, two components are rubbing against each other: the friction pad, and the cast-iron disc surface.  The resulting vibration from these two bodies may result in frequencies above or below the audible human range. We run into trouble when it is within the audible human range.

A professor at the University of Maine once compared a friction type brake pad and brake disc to a violin. As the players run the bow across the string, both vibrate and the string in engineered to resonate at a particular audible pitch.

The design of the violin “box” amplifies the sound. With the brake system, contributing sources of vibration and the right environmental conditions lead to an audible “noise” and it is possible the disc amplifies these sound vibrations.”

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What is your time worth?
Stay in production longer. Minimized installation time & maintenance time.

From bolt to disc to pad the V Brake and V Pad are designed to maximize your productivity. Installation time can be as simple as drilling and mounting 2 anti-rotation studs, sliding the brake on to the shaft and connecting the air lines. Why spend time on complicated installations, when you can spend more time in production.

When it’s time to perform maintenance and change your brake pads the V Pad reduces maintenance time to mere seconds. Snap out the old pads and snap in the new ones; no tools required. It’s as simple as that.

Easy installation, minimal and quick maintenance, and high performance ensures the V Brake delivers the productivity you require.

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