Is it Better to Buy New Equipment or Refurbish Old Machinery? | Montalvo Corporation

Are you a business business owner are looking for ways to maximize your budget? Let he Montalvo Corporation help you. One way to do this is by carefully considering the purchase of new equipment versus refurbishing older machinery. Let’s examine both options with Montalvo and explore which might be better for your business. 

Buying New Equipment: 

The most significant benefit of buying new equipment is the most up-to-date technology available. You can access the most modern features by purchasing new means, such as enhanced safety mechanisms, automated processes, and improved accuracy. Buying new can help increase production efficiency, reduce maintenance downtime, and improve quality control, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, new equipment usually has fewer breakdowns or issues. With over 75 years of designing engineering solutions, Montalvo Automated Systems can build new, custom-built equipment that will take your business to the next level. This customized machinery can be tailor-made to your exact specifications, so there won’t be any need to adapt workarounds for a premade cookie-cutter system.

Multi-Axis Traversing Winder Assembly (MTR)

Multi-Axis Traversing Winder Assembly

Dual-Position Accumulator Winder Assembly (ARA)

Dual-Position Accumulator Winder Assembly









Refurbishing Older Machinery: 

The advantage of refurbishing existing machinery is that it can save money on initial costs compared to purchasing new equipment. Refurbishment can also extend the life of old equipment that has served its purpose well in your business for many years but has now become outdated due to technological advances in the industry. If you already own the machine, all you need to do is pay for repairs or parts replacements instead of buying something completely new. Another added benefit is that the cost/time of training operators decreases with the machinery they are already familiar with. It is possible to upgrade specific components to match current standards and technologies while keeping essential functions the same.    

At Montalvo, we specialize in cost-effective upgrades that deliver a quick return on investment and increase your productivity for years to come. Whether you’re upgrading our components or other manufacturers, our sales staff will help you find the right parts to make your machine run as practically new, enhancing the capability, productivity, and profitability of your application.

Check out videos of our products here.

narrow web tension controller










Both buying new equipment and refurbishing existing machinery have advantages depending on your budget and needs as a business owner. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference weighing these two options against each other before deciding what works best for you as an individual business owner in our current economy. Business owners looking for ways to maximize their budget can talk with a Montalvo Corporation representative to get the best answers. What truly distinguishes Montalvo from any other Tension Control Solutions industry company is the Service and Support we provide to our customers throughout our entire relationship. When you work with Montalvo, you are not just receiving components or a machine that can “do the job” but one that is tailored to your exact needs and then backed by the individuals who made it – before, during, and long after you are set up and running. Montalvo’s Service and Support team ensures equipment is installed correctly and quickly, operators and maintenance staff are trained, and equipment continues to operate to maximum capacity. Our team is always Here for You – in person, via email, phone, or teleconference to answer your questions, to offer advice and assistance when needed, or to help evaluate your needs.