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Multiple Webs Over a Single Load Cell Roller?

Productivity is always a major point of emphasis, and one that has led some manufacturers to process multiple rolls of material through a machine (that was originally designed for one roll) at the same time. If multiple rolls of material can be processed side by side within a machine; to ensure high quality results, tension must be measured, and controlled on each roll separately. In applications like this, multiple webs of material should not pass over/utilize the same load cell roll.


If they do, accurate tension measurement and control, is often very difficult; potentially causing a tremendous amount of web tension related issues from inaccurate tension readings, poor controls, material quality issues, finished roll quality issues and a high level of scrap.

So why can’t multiple, separate rolls of material utilize the same load cells?

Outside of a specially designed segmented load sensing roller, a pair of load cells cannot be configured to independently measure multiple places on a roll and thus sends a singular measurement to the tension controller throughout the process. They simply don’t know if it’s one¬†web or twenty webs.

If running multiple webs over the same load cell roll, the load cells are essentially measuring the AVERAGE tension of the multiple webs. The controller then uses this average to control the torque device (brake/clutch) and tension.

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Troubleshooting Tips: Determining if You Have a Faulty Load Cell & Checking Your Tension Controllers Configuration


Determining if You Have a Faulty Load Cell
Faulty Load Cell Check
When troubleshooting your application a quick and easy check can help determine if you potentially have a faulty load cell or faulty load cell cable.
Checking Your Tension Controllers Configuration
Montalvo Z4, X, DTI, and D tension controllers can be field configured for unwind, intermediate, or rewind control utilizing load cells, dancers or sensors depending on the configuration. If a tension controller is re-configured in the field its function won’t match its original product label which can sometimes lead to confusion or errors if the controller isn’t being utilized how it’s configured. In this case you will want to confirm what configuration your tension controller is in.

How to Check Your Tension Controllers Configuration

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