Montalvo offers Blanket Ordering

Do you order 20 friction pads every 4 months? Have a production schedule in which you will need two brakes every 10 weeks? Want 4 load cells at your door every 3 months without the process of having to re-order every time? Place one order, receive consistent, on time deliveries throughout any 12 month period based on your needs.

No matter what product you need; if you need certain quantities of specific products delivered on a recurring basis, Montalvo’s new Blanket Ordering system is the answer. Eliminate the need to place an order every time you need product, eliminate variables in delivery dates and obtain fixed pricing while receiving any applicable quantity discounts.

You pick the product(s) and you decide the delivery schedule over any 12 month period*, and we deliver.** Montalvo’s blanket order contracts ensure you have the products you require on the schedule you require.


  • Submit one order for your anticipated and recurring needs throughout any 12 month period.
  • Obtain fixed pricing and take advantage of any quantity discounts by ordering all your product(s) at once.
  • Eliminate variables in deliveries throughout the year.
  • Products delivered on time, based on the contract schedule you specify.
  • Available for Custom Products.

* Duration of orders can exceed 12 mo. however TMC reserves the right to review pricing once a year.
** The first release date on the blanket order will be scheduled according to availability at the time of the order.