New Video: Range Expander Demonstration and Details

June 4, 2014, Gorham, ME, USA – Range expansion increases the capabilities of existing machines, allowing them to be more effective at:

  • running multiple types of materials with differing tension levels
  • gain greater control at lower torque ranges
  • run high mass rolls at lighter tensions (i.e. films & foils)
  • run low torque and tension applications that require high torque to stop (i.e. sheeters)
  • reduce friction pad wear

President Ed Montalvo says “In today’s environment, manufacturers are required to do more with less. Manufacturers cannot always afford new machines, and current machines may now need to perform functions they were not originally intended for. The automatic range expander gives them that ability. This new video details Montalvo’s elite range expander, showing viewers exactly how it can make them more productive.”

In a typical braking application all the pads of the brake are engaged throughout the process, creating one operating range. Montalvo’s Automatic Range Expander (P3000HD) individually controls each pad of a brake creating multiple operating ranges; only utilizing the necessary amount of pads to create the necessary amount of torque. The video provides a detailed overview of how range expansion works and then showcases those concepts in a live demonstration.

Learn more about the P-3000HD Automatic Range Expander