November 2014 Better Web Control Newsletter

In this issue:
Got Spares?
Product Spotlight: XN

Got Spares?
Now is the perfect time to get spares on the shelf.

Keep your production running by ensuring you have spares on the shelf. Whether its aging equipment or an unexpected event resulting in the need to repair or replace a piece of equipment, having a spare on the shelf minimizes production interruption.

Compared to the cost of machine downtime or lost productivity, having a spare on the shelf will often pay for itself.

Be proactive and stay productive!

Although Montalvo products do have some of the longest service lives in the industry, with budget season upon it might be the best time to get some spares on the shelf, especially if you utilize any of our non-current products For a list of Montalvo’s Non-Current products and which products have replaced them please visit our Non-Current Products webpages.

For more information or to order some spares, contact Montalvo direct or your local Montalvo Applications Specialist.

XN Load Cells for Narrow Web Applications
Built to suit or utilize your existing rollers

X Series load cell are designed for single sided machine frames utilizing cantilever rollers, which is typical in most narrow web applications such tag, label, tape, medical, etc.

XN features include:

  • Utilize Your Existing Rollers
    • XN bodies can be designed to accept your existing rollers
  • Built to Suit Roller
    • Specify roller length, diameter, finish, and material
  • Dual Parallel Beam Eliminates Web Drift
  • Mechanical Variance Compensation
  • Industry Leading Sensitivity
  • and more

Learn more about the XN