P-3000ce Pneumatic Interface Technical Paper

The Montalvo P-3000ce Pneumatic Interface or Range Expander as it is often referred to, can allow the widest range of roll sizes and tensions to run properly on virtually any unwind application. Combined with a properly sized Montalvo multi-range brake system and our X, D, or DTI-3400 family of tension controllers, the Range Expander always keeps the brake in the proper operating range for precise tension control. The system allows for controlled starts and stops, eliminates tension-related web breaks, minimizes downtime and maximizes production.

P-3000HDThis is especially useful when running large diameter rolls of a thin material, such as lighter grades of paper, films and/or foils. The larger rolls have significant mass, which requires lots of torque to stop, but often require very little torque to provide proper process tension. In that situation, you would need a large brake to handle the stopping duties. Without the benefit of a Range Expander, the operating output air pressure to the brake would be very low for tensioning. Low output from a controller makes proper tension control difficult, and this would also make stopping the roll quickly difficult.

The P-3000ce-RE uses solenoid valves activated by the control logic in the X, D, or DTI-3400 Tension Controller in order to engage only the brake range(s) required for proper tensioning, but instantly engages the brake ranges required to slow the roll quickly and under control during rapid deceleration. This system is especially useful when controlling dancer arm-based controls, but is equally effective on load cell-based tension control systems.

The system automatically resets itself at roll change and will always engage the proper number of ranges required for the given roll size. This feature eliminates errors often associated with manual brake range systems. If the manual system is not properly configured for a particular material or job, the results can be costly downtime and excessive scrap rates.

The P-3000 Range Expander system automatically manages the air pressure to the brake during the range transitions to ensure that the tension remains constant, with no tension upset during the range change. The system also provides the benefit of rotating like-numbered ranges of brake pad randomly at roll changes to optimize pad wear, and reduce overall maintenance time and expenses. This system, combined with our patented quick pad change system found on our V-Series brakes and modules, ensure ultimate efficiency for your unwind system.

The P-3000ce-RE includes a 5 micron filter and Montalvo’s high response MPC-4 I/P converter as well as a large gauge for monitoring output pressure. The P-3000ce-RE is available with 2, 3 or 4 solenoids for automated controlling of the cylinders on multiple range brakes. An emergency stop valve in the P 3000ce-RE unit switches from regulated pressure to line pressure during emergency stops or power failure.