Press Release – The Continuation of a 65 Year Tradition

Gorham, Maine – This year the Montalvo Corporation celebrates 65 successful years of providing industry leading electronic web control equipment, brakes, clutches, and other control devices to the converting industry worldwide.

President Edwin Montalvo says, “Our focus is on providing innovative, comprehensive web control equipment, upgrades, and solutions for our customers and helping position them for the future with greater productivity and efficiency.”

Montalvo 65th YearThe Montalvo Corporation specializes in the analyzing, upgrading and servicing of customer’s web tension control equipment. For more than 65 years, Montalvo has manufactured, integrated and serviced a wide range of web control products and systems for the converting, paper, foil, nonwovens, and plastic film industries as well as packaging, medical and high-tech applications. Montalvo products include electronic tension control devices, load cells, indicators, brakes, clutches, and safety chucks.

The company began in 1947 when Edwin J. Montalvo, Sr., with degrees in engineering and law, began as a New York City-based manufacturer’s representative. In 1970, he changed careers and introduced his patented, air-cooled, dual disc, multiple-range brakes and clutches. He built the prototypes in his basement and his work revolutionized tension control.

From this background, Montalvo founded The Montalvo Corporation in Maine, where the company began producing its electronic tension control systems and load cells. It expanded facilities twice, and moved in 2000 into a brand-new, larger manufacturing and office headquarters in Gorham, Maine,USA.

Edwin Montalvo, Sr., passed away in 1985, leaving a legacy of world-class quality in the products and services of his company. That tradition continues today.

Montalvo has also completed successful upgrades for customers on narrow web presses, printing presses, corrugators, laminators, coaters, slitters, sheeters, filmers, extruders, waxers, die cutters, and embossers.

Visit the dedicated Montalvo 65 webpage for more information on Montalvo’s proud 65 year tradition.