Press Release: Montalvo’s Free Presentation on Mark Andy 4120 Tension Control Upgrade


The Montalvo Corporation, international specialist in industrial web control systems, has posted a presentation on its website to explain to customers how to inexpensively upgrade Mark Andy 4120 presses for better productivity and reduced down time and waste.

The emphasis is on obtaining and controlling minimal tension on extensible materials from the full roll mode down to the core using the Mark Andy 4120 presses.

The presentation can be viewed at:

President Ed Montalvo says the web site shows the steps for brake replacement with the Montalvo C-Series dual disc brakes in situations where significant unwind friction and torque are occurring in the original brake installation.
Benefits to Mark Andy press users include:

  • Being able to compete with the newer presses at a fraction of the cost of a new press
  • Able to run lighter substrates
  • Achieve faster line speeds
  • Improve registration
  • Increase production and minimizes waste
  • Set-up time is reduced
  • Machine flexibility is increased to allow it to run a variety of products
  • Easy to install and use by employees

Web tension in this upgrade is controlled by a Montalvo load cell-based

S-3100 digital tension controller which replaces the existing dancer control system on the Mark Andy 2200. The system also uses a new Montalvo CD-104 brake assembly and a Montalvo TNT tension sensing roll replaces the existing idler roll.

Mark Andy 4120 Before

Mark Andy 4120 Before