Pulley Load Cells – Wire, Filament, Cable, Ribbon

All In One System

A combined load cell and pulley arrive in one ready to install complete system.

Superior Tension Signal

Semi-conductor strain gauges provide 25x the sensitivity and 10x longevity compared to foil gauges for greater precision & accuracy.

Fully Customizable

Built to suit – load ratings, pulley size, pulley diameters and pulley finishes can all be specified by you, to meet the exact needs of your application.

Anti-Deflection Design

Produce, uniform, consistent, high quality end product, every time!

Utilize Your Own Pulleys

X Series Load Cells are capable of utilizing your existing pulleys as a high performance, cost effective option

Expanded Capabilities

Montalvo Cantilever Load Cells allow you to achieve more. Increase end product quality, increase productivity, & reduce waste.