September 2014 Better Web Control Newsletter

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Brake Noise Article
XN Load Cell

Article: Brake Noise
Take in depth look at the cause and solutions to this often elusive problem.

Brake noise can be a very elusive problem, and when brake noise is present, it is often one of the largest annoyances for machine operators. Montalvo has spent a great deal of time and effort over the years discovering causes and finding solutions to brake noise.
Elements such as a brake disc’s surface, residual friction pad material, mounting & alignment, machine components and more can all lead to potential brake noise. This article looks at each of these elements in more detail to inform you about, and help prevent brake noise.

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XN CantileverĀ Load Cell
For cantilevered and narrow web applications (tag, label, film, etc)

XN Load Cells are capable of utilizing your existing rollers or can be built
with a roller fully customized to your specifications. Designed specifically for applications utilizing cantilevered rollers the XN Load Cell gives you a more reliable, accurate, and precise tension signal.

All In One System
A combined load cell and pulley arrive in one ready to install complete system.

Superior Tension Signal
Semi-conductor strain gauges provide 25x the sensitivity and 10x longevity compared to foil gauges for greater precision & accuracy.

Eliminates Web Drift
Dual parallel beam ensures your material stays on track.

Fully Customizable
Built to suit – load ratings, roller length, roller diameter and roller finish can all be specified by you, to meet the exact needs of your application.

Anti-Deflection Design
Produce, uniform, consistent, high quality end product, every time!

Utilize Your Own Rollers
X Series Load Cells are capable of utilizing your existing rollers as a high performance, cost effective option.

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