Step 3: Tension Control Installation

S4 Digital Tension Controller

Montalvo Tension Controllers (S4 shown)

With the new load cell and braking system installed, the controller utilizes feedback from the load cells to determine the tension of the web. It then controls output to the brake to precisely maintain the programmed tension level.

Montalvo tension controllers create a unified, closed loop system of continuous feedback and process control with a full range of features and functions, such as web break detection, soft-start, anti-coast, and more.

  • Mount tension controller
  • Connect load cells, I/P converter and power to the controller
  • Connect PDA Valve system if applicable


mark andy tension controller upgrade

S4 Tension Controller & M4 Tension Meter on MA-2200

  • Easy Operation
    An intuitive interface, a material set up walk-through and an easy to read display make Montalvo controllers a premier choice for machine operators
  • Reduced Set Up Time
    Multiple stored material settings get you up and running faster with quick recall
  • Increased Machine Capability
    Run various materials or various tension levels, all controller from a singular unit. Combined with Montalvo brakes and load cells, gives you a wider operating range so your machine can do more and achieve more
  • Continuous Production with Increased Productivity & Reduced Waste
    Montalvo controllers keep you in production faster and for longer. With a full range of features and functions, your press will be more efficient, more productive, and more profitable


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