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Additional Information

Will these brakes get hot?

Depends on the application, speed, roll dimensions, and tension required. If they are sized correctly they should not.

What size brake do I need?

Contact Us for proper sizing. We will need to know roll dimensions (max. and min. OD, ID, and Width), Speed, tension, or material type and thickness.

Can I buy replacement pads from you?


Why is my brake making noise?

This could be due to a variety of potential reasons and will be best to discuss your situation directly. Contact Us

Why do my pads wear so quickly?

You may be using the wrong COF pads, or you may be running a new product that requires additional torque.

What are my options if my brake is squealing?

Anti-squeal pads or clean the disc surface, and scuff the pad surface.

Where can I get the MSDS for my Brake Pads?

MSDS sheets for all of Montalvo’s friction pads can be found on the Friction Pads Webpage. Please select the pad you are using from this page and find the MSDS within the table.

How do you mount this brake?

Follow installation instructions. Mount to a keyed shaft.

How do I know what brake I have?

Utilize the casting numbers or disc dimensions. You can also contact a Montalvo Applications Specialist and send us photos.