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What meter scale do I need?

Analog meter scales are available to meet the specific tension range of your application. Specify the tension at time or order and the meter scale will be made to fit that range.

Can I use a digital meter with it?

The i4HD is available with either an analog or digital meter.

Can I use foil gauge or strain gauge load cells with this amplifier?

Yes. The i4 HD works with either type of load cell.

Do you offer an amplifier with push button calibration?


What is the load cell excitation voltage for this indicator?


How do I calibrate this Indicator?

Follow the A4 Calibration Instructions for easy calibration.

How do I test output?

Any digital multimeter can be used.

How do I install this amplifier?

The amplifier is already installed in the I4HD.

How do I determine what calibration weight to use if it needs to be 10% of full scale?

Multiply the full scale of the analog meter by 0.1 or divide it by 10.