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Sizing & Wiring

Load Cell Cable Connection Wiring (81.7 KB)

*for Drawings please visit the N Series Load Cells Product Page

Why should I use semiconductor strain gauge load cells as opposed to foil gauge units?

Check out our in-depth article comparing semiconductor strain gauges to foil gauges for a detailed explanation of the benefits a semiconductor gauge provides.

Can I use these in “Hazardous Areas?

Utilizing intrinsically safe barrier blocks will allow you to use your N Series in hazardous areas

Can these be washed down?

N-Series Load Cells are IP-54 rated for being dust proof and water resistance and are OK for water sprayed from any direction.

Can they be used in “Clean Room Environments?

Yes. N-Series Load Cells are ideal for Clean Room Environments.

Will these work with “Brand X” Controllers/Amplifiers?

N-Series are compatible with any controller or amplifier that can interface with a semi-conductor strain gauge.

Are these load cells intrinsically safe?

No, they need to be used in conjunction with barrier blocks.

What excitation voltage do these load cells use?

+/-2.5 vdc

What is the maximum tension I can measure?

The maximum measurable tension for N-Series Load Cells is 200 lbs (1,000 N)

Why can’t I get an N50 longer than 24?

You can’t get an N50 longer than 16” because of deflection of the roller when a load is applied.

What is the minimum wrap angle?

While 20 to 30 degrees is recommended, less is definitely possible, depending on the application

What is the minimum tension I can measure?

1% of the load rating.

How do I test resistance?

Set a digital multi-meter to read ohms, and check between the signal, and +/- excitation pins. In the case of 6 pin connectors, a to b, and a to c. You should see in the neighborhood of 115ohms without a weight applied to the load cell.

How do I test operation?

Apply a force in the load direction and monitor mV reading on the signal wire.

How do I change my load cell connector from 6 pin to 4 pin?

We advise that you Contact Us to go over the details of how to rewire your connector to 4 pin from 6 pin to ensure proper connections.