Tension Control Brakes and Clutches


Contrary to the descriptions of some suppliers, the primary function of modern tension control brakes and clutches is to provide constant and sensitive control across a broad range of materials and diameters. Design and construction of the actuating assemblies of the brakes and clutches are what makes this possible. The ability to activate and deactivate cylinders either manually or automatically during the winding cycle enhances the controllability of the units. Montalvo invented this design and has enhanced it may times in order to provide the most sensitive and wide ranging level of control available in the industry today. Montalvo is the only supplier that offers an automated range expansion system.


Part of the winding/unwinding process involves converting mechanical energy into heat. This heat is dissipated into the atmosphere via friction disc surfaces. Montalvo air-cooled disc brakes are excellent heat exchangers. The Montalvo HP Series brake disc was designed in cooperation with the University Of Maine School Of Engineering. The criteria for the design was to make the brake size required for most applications 50% smaller. As a result of the innovative approach to brake disc design taken by Montalvo, and the University, overheating is a thing of the past when proper attention is paid to all control variables.

Direction of rotation is immaterial when the discs are properly designed. Many caliper style brakes have been used for winding applications. Caliper style brakes, including enclosed types, were designed for use on vehicles where the cooling is accomplished because the vehicle is moving through the air. Winding applications require that brake discs either self cool or be forced to cool. Montalvo Brakes are designed to work both ways. Whether or not forced cooling is used is based on the application and is most commonly used where slow speeds are involved. Caliper style brakes require free air to, basically, turn corners in order to provide proper cooling. Since free air does not do that, forced air cooling is required in almost all cases. Because Montalvo brakes are designed to run cool, with or without a fan, they eliminate brake fade, excessive noise (squealing) and brake dust, and virtually eliminate premature pad wear.


Owing to the efficiency of the design and the pad material used, Montalvo pads will give very long wear life. Since application specifications, ambient conditions, and choice of materials can vary, life of the pads also can vary. Montalvo customers worldwide have used original equipment Montalvo pads for more than 30 years without complaint about wear life.

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