The Montalvo Torque Sensing Control System™ Gains Patented Status

Now announcing…

The Montalvo TSC™ System Technology has been granted patent status!

torque sensing control system

Saving you money and space, the TSC™ eliminates extra costs by mitigating the need for additional rollers and load cells, while still delivering precise control for up to 9 different tension process parameters and more. This patented technology easily integrates into existing machines or built into new machines.
MORE valuable features the TSC™ offers include:

  • Easy Installation, Set Up & Operation
  • Reduces Machine Build Cost
  • Easily Upgrade Existing Machines
  • Smooth, Precise, Repeatable Tension Control from Full Roll to Core
  • Compact & Space Saving Tension Control Package
  • Performance Driven, High-Quality Components
  • Customizable System Packages
  • TSC Components
    • V or CS Series Torque Sensing Brake with TS1 Torque Sensor
    • U4 Open Loop/Diameter Tension Controller
    • US4 Ultrasonic Sensor or Proximity Sensors IP Converter
  • The U4 – Advanced, Fully Featured Tension Controller
    • Featuring soft start, anti-coast, taper tension, 0-10V or 4-20mA versions, programmable diameter alarms, the ability to save up to 9 different tension process parameters, and more.
Questions about your Open-Loop technologyClick here to read an overview of the benefits and latest technology on your system.

Check out the TSC Demonstration Video Here or visit the TSC Product Page for even more information!