Troubleshooting – Can’t Get My Setpoint or Air Pressure Above XX

Tension Controller Troubleshooting: “Can’t Get My Setpoint or Air Pressure Above XX”

Depending on where your controller is in its service life, and if a controller has been moved from a different machine, or is simply running a different process, certain process parameters might have been changed that need to be changed within the controller.BWC-web

  1. If you find your cannot get the controllers setpoint above a certain level, switch to the “supervisory messages” and check the value programmed into “meter scale”. Whatever this level is set to, will be the highest your setpoint will go to. Simply change it according to your needs.
  2. If the air pressure to your brake is not going above a certain PSI and you suspect it should be, check the “Out Limit” and “Out Scale” values. Both of these should be set to the factory default of 75 PSI.

Especially in older controllers, if you feel something is out of sorts, check the “Factory Settings” for your controller, your technical manual, or contact a Montalvo Applications Specialist for assistance.