Web Tension Control Brakes

Smooth, Consistent, Accurate Control

The essentials in creating high quality end product are the foundation of our pneumatic disc brakes.

Long Service Life

Quality materials, fin design, high thermal capacity discs, and performance engineering combine to give Montalvo brakes some of the longest service lives in the industry.

Run From Full Roll to Core

Our pneumatic tension control brakes feature wider torque ranges to expand the capabilities of your machine while giving you the precise amount of torque required for high quality production from full roll to core.

High Heat Dissipation

Patented fin design for self cooling air flow creates higher heat dissipation to keep your brake running at the highest quality. Fan covers are also available for even further heat dissipation.

Minimal & Easy Maintenance

Our industrial brakes operate cooler than most, extending the life of your friction pads and decreasing maintenance. Friction pad maintenance can be as simple as popping out the old pads, and popping in the new ones, without any tools. Spend less time in maintenance and more time in production.

Easy Installation

Installation is often as easy is drilling 1-2 holes, sliding the brake onto the shaft and in some cases just attaching a couple bolts and friction modules. Easier installation gets you back up and running quicker.


We pride ourselves on our ongoing after sales service and support for all of our customers. We are here for you!

Expanded Capabilities

Montalvo industrial tension control brakes allow you to achieve more. Increase end product quality, increase productivity, & reduce waste.