What makes Montalvo a leader in Load Cell Longevity?

All Montalvo Load Cells are engineered to survive in the harshest environments. Made of top-grade stainless steel housings of IP54 & IP67 ratings, overload protection & chemical and corrosion resistance provide a longer load cell service life. All of that protects the industry leading semiconductor strain gauges that detect even the slightest changes in tension. It is this dedication to quality that has led to our Load Cells having extremely long lifespans in challenging production areas.

Recently a customer asked for a quote to replace this Load Cell. A quick check of the serial number sets its creation date as November 1995! At shy of 28 years of service, we feel this is an excellent representation of the build quality associated with the Montalvo Corporation name. Do you have an unsung hero of a Montalvo build?

A customer has come to us with a set of our load cells that through the serial number, we traced back to the 1980s! These cells are still working! The customer needs an upgrade to support a lighter application and will use our ES series load cell. While many of us remember the 80s like it was yesterday, for a piece of industrial hardware, 40 years is proof of the engineering quality and support that goes into all Montavlo product lines.

And while we acknowledge that everyone’s web tension needs are different, and that experiences may vary, Montalvo Load Cells are backed by our Blue Assurance program and built to last.

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