A technical look at the Montalvo family of Controllers


Montalvo Tension Controllers offer functionality, repeatability and ease of use for virtually all web tension control applications.

Unwind, Process (Nip), or Rewind. Montalvo manufactures a wide range of tension controllers that are easy to install, set up and operate with a wide range of features to make your process more productive. Montalvo’s Set It and Forget Technology ensures your spending less time worrying about your process and more time being profitable.

      Open Loop  – U4  and TSC System

  • Diameter sensors/proximity switches

     Closed Loop  – S4, Z4 and Zeus

  • Load cells, Nip sections, Dancer arm control, Multiple tension zones

U4 Open Loop Controller and TSC System   

Torque Sensor with U4 and V Brake

Torque Sensor with U4 and V Brake

The Montalvo U4 open-loop controller offers advanced control features often only available on more expensive, more complicated control systems.

  • Soft start
  • Anti coast
  • 2 programmable alarm outputs
  • Torque-sensing control system – a Montalvo exclusive!

Principal Of Operation: Tension is defined as the torque applied at the center of the roll, divided by the roll radius.
Tension = Torque / Radius   T=TQ/R






Useful For

  • when material goes directly into the process
  • When material cannot be contacted on both sides (adhesives, sensitive materials) 
  • When precision control is not required (high tension tolerance)
  • Low(ish) cost is a priority but need better than manual control
  • Some intermittent (start/stop/start) applications

For Optimum Results, the system should include a quality brake that delivers consistently reliable linear torque delivery.  Montalvo Brakes are a PERFECT Example of that!


Roll diameter feedback can be provided by Ultrasonic Sensor (US-4)
Laser Sensor (LS-5)Proximity Switches (Pulse Tachometer) depending on the situation





The easiest controller in the industry to set up, calibrate, and operate while still offering a full range of features

For precise, closed-loop tension control – Set it and forget it Push-button calibration
Excellent, reliable, proven performance Works with pneumatic, magnetic particle and electric brakes
Load cell input + I/P converter output = great tension control! Unwind and rewind capabilities – rewind taper functionality
All digital controller with Montalvo’s own proprietary control algorithm that provides excellent performance during starting, stopping and steady-state run, regardless of roll size or line speed Directly Compatible with all Montalvo load cells, as well as those of most manufacturers – can accept 0-10vdc tension reference from brand x amplified load cell reference as well
Soft-start and fast-stop capability Dual calibration
Splice control capability Dry-contact start/stop input from a relay required


Full Featured Controller that will support just about any unwind, rewind or intermediate tension zone requirement.
Featuring many Montalvo Exclusives.

Progressive Gain Rewind Functions – 3 Types – Inertia Compensation – Taper Tension
NIP (Process) Control Variable Angle Wrap
Range Expander Dancer w/Tension Indication
Splice Automation Control Hybrid Controls Technology

ZEUS Multi-Zone Tension Controller™

Building upon the successes of our Z4, S4, and U4 series of controllers, we are proud to introduce the new ZEUS Multi-zone Web Tension Controller. Configurable for up to 8 tension control zones, the ZEUS touchscreen puts all this control in one place, right at your fingertips.


Configurable for up to 8 Tension Control zones

10” HD Interactive Display Screen
A high definition, crystal clear, and easy to navigate HMI blends form and function into one convenient package

Recipe Storage
With Ethernet connectivity you can store process run data to get a more detailed look of your production. See machine downtime, run lengths, speeds, and tension, and more.

Integrated Tension Indication
Clear, easy to read, integrated digital version of an analog meter keeps you informed of the exact tension you are running. Tension is also displayed numerically.

EtherNet/IP™ (ODVA Certified) Communication Option

Compatible with Pneumatic or Electric Brakes and Clutches

Compatible with Drives

Analog & Digital Hybrid Tension Controller
The speed of analog combined with the functionality of digital; making tension corrections faster than any other controller. Simple to Program, Highly Responsive!