PXS Proximity Sensor

PXS Proximity Sensor

Montalvo offers a brass, nickel-plated 3 wire DC proximity sensor with extended sensing distance. It features an LED indicating Output Energized. Used with Montalvo’s exclusive TSC Open Loop Torque Sensing Control System as well as other applications.

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High Accuracy
Provides extremely accurate roll diameter measurement by receiving pulses from two sensors to determine the roll diameter at any given moment.

No calibration is required 

Simple to install and utilize
Perfect for applications where other sensor signals may be difficult, ex: foam, narrow web, etc.

The Proximity Sensor does not interfere with roll loading and unloading.

• DC- 3 Wire Extended Sensing Distance

• IEC (529) IP67 (NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13)

• Short Circuit & Overload Protection

• Reverse Polarity Protection

• Transient Voltage Protection

For additional information on the PSX Proximity Sensor please download the Datasheet – PSX



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