August 2013 Newsletter

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Video: V Brake Installation
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Video: V Brake Installation

We’ve often talked about just how easy it is to install and maintain the V Brake. The V Pad Productivity video showcased the ease of maintenance, and now we showcase the ease of installation.

The combination of ease of installation, ease and speed of maintenance, the torque range, and performance, make the V Brake one of the most cost effective, productivity increasing and long lasting brakes in the industry.

Over the service life of any tension brake the V Brake has truly set itself apart.

Check out the video to see just how easy it is to install Montalvo’s V Brake!

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We’ve recently launched our new Facebook page. With the ever changing landscape of social media, Montalvo is committed to ensuring we are readily available to you, however you prefer to communicate. In combination with web, phone, email, fax, and our internal & external worldwide Applications Specialists network our social media presence on Facebook, Linkedln, Google+, and YouTube guarantees that

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