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December 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:
Tension Controllers for Dancer Applications
Dancer Position Sensor

Tension Controllers for Dancer Applications

Dancer applications contain unique variables when it comes to properly controlling tension. Our D Series of tension controllers are designed specifically for those unique variables while still offering the functionality and ease of use you require.

DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller w/ Tension Indication

DTI3400 Dancer Controller w/ Tension Indication

Our D3400 Dancer Tension Controller and DTI-3400 Dancer Controller with Tension Indication gives you greater control over the unwind of your dancer application, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. Compatible with a variety of dancer feedback devices, including:

• Dancer Position Sensors
• Ultrasonic Sensors
• Potentiometers
• Laser Sensor
• Proximity Switches

The D Series Tension Controllers immediately corrects for any changes in the dancers position which represents a change in tension. The D Series also offers a full range of performance features including:

• Soft Start
• Anti Coast
• Web Break Detection
• Splice

For a complete list of features or downloads visit the DTl-3400 product page, D-3400 product page, or contact your local Montalvo Applications Specialist.

Dancer Position Sensor

DPS Installed on Dancer

DPS Installed on Dancer

The most effective dancer applications provide the dancer tension controller with immediate, accurate, and precise feedback to changes in the dancer’s position, while being easy for you to install and utilize.

The DPS Is a mlcro-electric, no wear part, zero maintenance position sensor which responds quicker and provides immediate feedback
to the slightest changes in dancer position.

IP68 rated. the DPS features an extremely long swce nre. Is short circuit proof, and requires ZERO tools fer calibrating.

For a complete list of DPS features and functionality visit the DPS product page, or contact your Montalvo Applications Specialist.

November 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
NEW Video – US4 Calibration
Product Spotlight – US4 Ultrasonic Sensor
Here For You

NEW Video – US4 Calibration

In this brief video we walk you through to process of calibrating your US4 Ultrasonic Sensor. A simple setup and push button calibration process increases the capability of your machine while ensuring minimal downtime. Get up and running faster. See how easy it is!

Check out the video here

Product Spotlight – US4 Ultrasonic Sensor us4 ultrasonic sensor

Montalvo’s US4 Ultrasonic sensor gives you more advanced roll diameter detection with superior accuracy and reliability, while still being one of the easiest sensors to install and calibrate.

Built in temperature compensation combined with an IP67 rating ensures a quality signal no matter the environment.

Additional features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Push button calibration
  • 0-1 av or 4-20mA Output
  • Extended sensing ranges

A quality and dependable sensor  allows your machine to be more productive by giving your controller the information it needs to properly control tension. An inaccurate sensor can mean the difference between profit and scrap. Utilize the US4 today, a small but critical piece to your tension control.

Visit the US4 Ultrasonic Sensor product page to learn more. 

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October 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
New Video: Range Expansion Demonstration and Details
Product Spotlight: Range Expander

NEW Video – Range Expander Demonstration & Details

Montalvo’s elite automatic range expander revolutionizes a machines versatility. In our latest video we breakdown the range expander walking you through how the range expander works and what benefits it brings to your process.

Check out the video here

Product Spotlight – Range ExpanderP-3000HD Range Expander

Montalvo’s Automatic Range Expander is perfect for those looking to:

  • run multiple types of materials on one machine
  • gain greater control at lower torque ranges
  • run high mass rolls at lighter tensions such as films and foils
  • run low torque and tension applications that require high torque to stop, such as sheeters
  • or simply reduce overall friction pad wear

The Automatic Range Expander allows the widest range of roll sizes and tensions to run properly on virtually any unwind application. Used in conjunction with Montalvo’s X-3400, DTI-3400, or D-3400 Tension Controllers the Automatic Range Expander is a small upgrade to your application that maximizes your production potential.

Visit the Automatic Range Expander product page or Contact a Montalvo Applications Specialist to learn more.


September 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
NEW – X Series Load Cells
Achieve More – Montalvo Upgrades and Retrofits

NEW X Series Load Cells X-Series Cantilever Load Cells

Designed for applications utilizing either a cantilever roller (XN) or a pulley (XR), the all new X Series perfectly blends versatility, functionality, and performance.

Use what you have:
Capable of accepting your currant rollers or pulleys (XB body only, the X Series can turn a neutral part of your line into a tension measurement powerhouse or simply upgrade your current load cell.

Or customize it:
Whether you need a cantilever roller or pulley or a specific diameter, profile, material, finish, you name it, we customize the X Series to meet your exact needs.

A Dual Parallel Beam eliminates web drift while offering full bridge capability. Other features include:

  • Leading tension sensing sensitivity
  • 100% stainless steel body
  • 2 Mounting Options – Standard or Flange
  • Mechanical Variance Compensation
  • Multiple Load Ranges
  • and more

To learn more about the X Series Load Cell visit the X Series Webpage

Achieve More – Montalvo Upgrades & Retrofits 

It never hurts to ask! Talk to a Montalvo Applications Specialist and get a free Application Review to see Where your machine could achieve more!
In today’s competitive landscape machines in current use need to be able to compete with new machines. What many people aren’t aware of is that a simple upgrade to the tension control components of your machine can make your machine run practically new.

  • Faster line speeds
  • Higher quality end product
  • Reduced waste
  • Decreased downtime
  • Lower operating costs

These are just some of the benefits of a tension control upgrade.

Montalvo has performed upgrades & retrofits on practically every type of application in the industry. Our vast industry knowledge and experience has earned us the reputation as a primary source for expert advice in adding capability, efficiency, productivity and profitability to your machines.

Contact Us today with Your Application Information


August 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Video: V Brake Installation
Here for You

Video: V Brake Installation

We’ve often talked about just how easy it is to install and maintain the V Brake. The V Pad Productivity video showcased the ease of maintenance, and now we showcase the ease of installation.

The combination of ease of installation, ease and speed of maintenance, the torque range, and performance, make the V Brake one of the most cost effective, productivity increasing and long lasting brakes in the industry.

Over the service life of any tension brake the V Brake has truly set itself apart.

Check out the video to see just how easy it is to install Montalvo’s V Brake!

Here for you! 

We’ve recently launched our new Facebook page. With the ever changing landscape of social media, Montalvo is committed to ensuring we are readily available to you, however you prefer to communicate. In combination with web, phone, email, fax, and our internal & external worldwide Applications Specialists network our social media presence on Facebook, Linkedln, Google+, and YouTube guarantees that

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July 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Video: ES Load Cell Sensitivity
1 Week Load Cell Delivery

Video: ES Load Cell Sensitivity

Montalvo manufacturers some of the industry’s most sensitive load cells with leading repeatability ratings.
See exactly what that means and what it means for you with the ES Load Cell Sensitivity video demonstration.

Check out the video here

1 Week Load Cell Delivery es dead shaft idler load cell featured image

Exceptional product quality & performance delivered to you within 1 week for North American markets and within 2 weeks for all other markets (standard load ratings apply).

Montalvo’s ES-I Dead Shaft-Idler Style load cells feature industry leading sensitivity and repeatability, a 100% stainless steel body, IP-54 (dust proof) rating and unique mechanical variance compensation.

ES-I load cells are also available in 3 different mounting configurations:

  • Standard
  • Flange
  • Split pillow block

ES Series Load Cells are capable of detecting a wider range of tension changes and thus feature standard load ratings that are effective for a majority of applications (non-standard load ratings are still available).

Standard load ratings include:

  • Size O: 50 lbs (250 N)
  • Size 0: 150 lbs (750 N)
  • Size 2: 150 lbs (750 N)
  • Size 2: 500 lbs (2500 N)

For example, the Size 0, 150 lb (750 N) load cell, repeatably  detects tension changes from 0.44 lbs (1.996 N) up to 150 lbs of tension.

A chart of complete load cell testing data and effective tension ranges can be seen here.  Check out the ES-I Dead Shaft-Idler product page for a full list of features, datasheets, drawings, mounting styles, load ratings and more.

June 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Using Clutches for Superior Center Winding Tension Control
Product Spotlight: Micro Rotary Union

Using Clutches for Superior Center Winding Tension Control 

Excerpt: ” … Clutches are not often chosen to control tension on center winders because their proper application and the advantages of using a clutch with a motor are usually not understood.

Usually, when one finds a clutch-controlled center winder, the clutch is “geared in” to run 50 RPM faster than line speed at core. The clutch is usually driven by a constant RPM AC motor, and therein lays the crux of the problem.

As the diameter of the roll increases, the  torque at the clutch must be increased  proportionately to maintain a constant tension profile in the web. As the torque and roll diameter increase, the slip speed of the clutch also increases as a result of diameter increase … ”

Read the entire article here

Product Spotlight: Micro Rotary Union 

Micro Rotary Union

Micro Rotary Union

The Montalvo Micro Rotary Union (MRU) is a mechanical rotating device that allows the transfer of air to and from rotating equipment. It is used in machinery that requires a constant air flow during rotation and can operate at speeds of up to 7000 RPM with a maximum air pressure of 75 psi.

The small size is ideal for use in applications with limited space. The MRU uses micro precision instrument bearings and a carbon seal. The shaft is made of rugged stainless steel.

Visit the MRU product page for more detailed information, datasheets, drawings, and more.


May 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
PFFC Stops by to see Montalvo’s latest produces at ICE USA 2013
Start Superior

PFFC Explores Montalvo’s Newest Products at ICE USA 

Yolanda Simonsis stopped by to check out our newest products at the ICE USA show last week. Check out the video to watch our interview about the new i4, RF load cell and X-series of load cells.

Start with Superior load cells. Finish with Superior product quality. 

Superior tension control starts with a superior tension signal. A superior signal comes from load cells with superior components. Montalvo load cells are designed and manufactured to produce a consistent, repeatable, superior tension signal.

Our load cell overview page shows you exactly what it means when we say we only manufacture load cells that are industry leaders in accuracy, sensitivity, and performance.

View all load cells


April 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Montalvo attending ICE USA 2013 as a premier exhibitor – Booth #511

Montalvo attending ICE USA 2013 as a premier exhibitor – Booth #511

The International Converting Exhibition returns to Orlando, FL April 9-11. Montalvo will be unveiling a variety of new products and live
product demonstrations as one the show’s premier exhibitors. We are excited to be showcasing our newest tension control products and technology with fully interactive demos.

Interactive Demonstrations Include:

New Products Include:

  • i4 Tension Indicator – smaller, sleeker and the perfect combination of performance, functionality and convenience!
  • “RF” Load Cell – Ideal for filaments, wires, threads and cables like fiber optic, carbon fiber or gold wire the new RF Series of load cells gives you precise, accurate, and highly sensitive tension signals.
  • “N1” Load Cell – The newest addition to our N Series of Cantilever style load cells, the N1 is a completely customizable unit meeting the precise needs of your application.
  • “R1” Load Cell – A cousin to the N1 and part of the R Series of load cells for applications utilizing pulleys. Like the N1, the R1 allows for complete customization to meet your applications needs, but at a lower cost.

Other products on display include the

F Series compact/pancake style load cells,

U Series under pillow block load cells, and our entire lineup of tension control brakes and clutches

You can find us at Booth #511 at ICE USA! We hope to see you at either show and look forward to talking with you more about your current and future tension control needs!


March 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Montalvo attending ICE Europe 2013 as a premier exhibitor – Hall A6 Stand 584

Montalvo attending ICE Europe 2013 as a premier exhibitor – Hall A6 Stand 584

The International Converting Exhibition returns for its 8th running in Munich, Germany on March 19th through the 21st. Montalvo will be unveiling a variety of new products and live product demonstrations as one the show’s premier exhibitors.

We are excited to be showcasing for the first time our latest innovations and web tension control technology.

New Products Include:

I4 Tension Indicator – smaller, sleeker and the perfect combination of performance, functionality and convenience!

“RF” Load Cell – Ideal for filaments, wires, threads and cables like fiber optic, carbon fiber or gold wire the new RF Series of load cells gives you precise, accurate, and highly sensitive tension signals.

“N1” Load Cell – The newest addition to our N Series of Cantilever style load cells, the N1 is a completely customizable unit meeting the precise needs of your application.

“R1” Load Cell – A cousin to the N1 and part of the R Series of load cells for applications utilizing pulleys. Like the N1, the R1 allows for complete customization to meet your applications needs, but at a lower cost.

We will also be featuring live demonstrations of the U4 open-loop/diameter based tension controller in unison with the US4 ultrasonic sensor and a V250 brake to demonstrate how simple upgrades to your machine can result in less waste and higher product quality.

Montalvo’s load cell’s feature superior components to deliver a superior tension signal. A live demonstration of our ES Series of load cells will give you a hands on experience of our superior sensitivity, superior resolution, and superior reliability. The industry’s easiest controller to install and operate while still offering advanced tension control features – the S4 Digital Tension Controller – will also be available for complete interaction to show you just how easy it is to use.

Other products on display include the

F Series compact/pancake style load cells, U Series under pillow block load cells, the V Series of brakes, and application tension control upgrade packages. You can find us in Hall A6 Stand #584 at ICE Europe! ICE Europe will be followed up by the ICE USA show in Orlando, FL on April 9th through the 11th. Experience the latest in tension control products and technology at ICE Europe and ICE USA.

We hope to see you at either show and look forward to talking with you more about your current and future tension control needs!



February 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Revisited: Precise Web Control’s Role in Film Converting
In Brief: Flexo Tension Control

Revisited: Precise Web Control’s Role in Film Converting

Excerpt: “In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers and converters are under pressure to satisfy varied and often conflicting demands. In a time when customers carry little in the way of inventory, manufacturers and converters must strive to meet customer on-time delivery demands. At the same time customers look to their suppliers for improved performance at lower cost. If these requirements were not in themselves a challenge – converters must process materials that can be both varied and potentially problematic. All of these requirements must be met in order to remain competitive.

Unlike materials such as paper, glass and foils; plastic and plastic film materials are relatively new materials. For the brand owner, the retailer and others, plastic films provide many advantages, allowing manufacturers and converters to address a varied range of requirements. For example, thinner gauged films reduce material costs, while different multi-layer structures, developed using co-extrusion, extrusion lamination, adhesive lamination and coating provide a range of performance properties, such as barriers against aroma, light, fats, gas and moisture…”

Read the entire article here

In Brief: Flexo Tension Control

Excerpt: “A key area of development, which has impacted all processes has been the advances made in tension control systems.= The ability to measure and control has and will continue to be fundamental to the success of all web-based converting operations, including flexography. Without the ability to measure and control web tension accurately, numerous process inconsistencies will arise.

Poor tension control through inappropriate or outdated tension control systems greatly affects the ability to produce quality product. The costly and often extensible nature of many materials combined with today’s emphasis on speed-to-market has meant that converters can no longer afford to tolerate suspect tension\ control systems. They demand systems that are highly responsive in order to minimize make-ready, maximize uptime and achieve optimum output on a wide range of materials with minimal waste.

Tension control impacts many areas of an operation, some obvious, so not as obvious. For example, a registration control system is used to automatically adjust the image printed by one station relative to the images printed on the other press stations without continual operator interference. However, a limit to the system’s ability to regulate register is imposed if tension is not properly regulated.”

Read the full article here

January 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
In Brief: Coating & Laminating Tension Control
Product Spotlight: X-3400HD All-in-One Tension Controller

In Brief: Coating & Laminating Tension Control

Excerpt: “The proper control of web tension is especially important for maintaining consistent and high quality in coating and laminating processes. For example, in coating, variation in web tension can lead directly to variations in coat weight and may cause spreading problems leading to carry over onto rollers. Even variations across the web width can cause quality problems with Meyer bar, air knife, or reverse roller coating systems. A display of right, left, or total tension can be invaluable in counteracting this.

In the case of laminating lines it is not only the absolute tensions that are important, but also the relative tensions of one laminated material to another. These must be correctly related to the stress/strain characteristics of the material if subsequent distortion due to differential contraction is to be avoided.”

Read the entire Article here

Product Spotlight: X-3400HD All-in-One Tension Controller

Combining the best of analog and digital capabilities with a range of tension control features makes the X-3400HD one the most advanced web tension controllers in the industry.X-3400HD Tension Controller

The X-3400HD gives you greater control while providing specific Unwind, Intermediate Zone, and Rewind features to ensure your process is as productive & profitable as possible.

Benefits Include:

  • Process Versatility
  • The X-3400HD Tension Controller can be configured for any of your process zones: Unwind, Intermediate, or Rewind.
  • Variable Wrap Angle Technology
  • Montalvo exclusive Variable Wrap Angle Technology eliminates the need to isolate the tension sensing roll and allows for roll contact to be made to only one side of your web. Learn more here
  • Unwind, Intermediate, and Rewind Functionality
  • Inertia Compensation: minimizes tension variations on rewind during start or stop
  • Web Break Detection: stops machine should a break occur
  • Taper: builds excellent rolls & eliminates telescoping and crush cores
  • Splice: maintains tension for more successful splices
  • Soft-Start: eliminates shocks to the web on startup
  • Anti-Coast: prevents web tension from dropping on stop
  • Analog & Digital Hybrid
    • The speed of analog combined with the functionality of digital; the X-3400HD Tension Controller gets your material to the desired tension, and makes tension corrections faster than any other controller. Simple to Program, Highly Responsive!
  • …and more

For a full list of features and benefits, datasheets, and more, visit the X-3400HD Product page