Corrugator Roll Stand Upgrades

Langston with new V Brake and Roll Clearance

Langston with new V Brake and Roll Clearance

Montalvo is the sought after source when you need to upgrade your Corrugator. Montalvo has worked on practically every type of corrugator in the industry, specializing in upgrades for:

  • Langston
  • Martin
  • Maquip
  • United
  • MHI
  • and more!

At the heart of Montalvo’s Corrugating upgrades is the V Series Tension Brakes. The V Series makes corrugators more efficientmore productive, and easier to maintain.


Request a Corrugator Retrofit

Check out the presentations below for a few examples of Corrugator Upgrade Retrofits

Corrugating Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Presentations

Take it with you! For a summary of Montalvo’s Corrugator Packages download the Corrugator Roll Stand Upgrade Overview Sheet.