February 2012 Newsletter

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ES Load Cells: Greater Sensitivity and Immediate Delivery
Make Your Older or Used Machine Run Like NEW!

ES Load Cells: Greater Sensitivity and Immediate Deliveryes load cells combination-242x172

Not all load cells are created equal. Montalvo has enhanced the capabilities of it’s already industry leading ES Series of load cells to deliver even higher precision and accuracy. The ability of your load cells to detect even the most microscopic changes in tension equals greater line speeds, greater productivity and greater profits.

The ES Series consists of three types of load cells to meet the needs of your application: Dead Shaft/Idler (ES-I), Live Shaft (ES-LS), and Live Roller (ES-LR). Immediate Delivery: The Dead Shaft/Idler (ES-I) type of ES load cells are now also available in 4 standard load ranges to give you immediate delivery when you need them. Standard Size ES-I Load Cells ship in less than 1 week ARO!

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Dead Shaft/Idler (ES-I)Live Shaft (ES-LS)Live Roller (ES-LR)

Make Your Older or Used Machine Run Like NEW! 

Older, used machines need increased productivity and enhanced capabilities to compete with today’s new machines. Montalvo specializes in cost effective, strategic tension control upgrades so that your older or used machine can operate as if it were new. Producing immediate return on investment, Montalvo’s industry leading tension control products not only pay for themselves, but your productivity gains can start funding other key components of your business.

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