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December 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
New Product Archive Web Pages Launch
New Video: A conversation on convenience – the LCR and TNT
Did You Know?

New Product Archive Web Pages LaunchDTI-3400 Tension Controller

In Montalvo’s ongoing effort to provide maximum support to its customers, we have launched a new section of the website for our products no longer being currently manufactured.

Get datasheets, manuals, installation instructions, and more for previous models of Montalvo’s industry leading products. Each page also features a link to which current products have replaced the archived ones should you be looking to upgrade your current Montalvo product.

Visit the product archive page

Visit the main support page

New Video: A conversation on convenience – the LCR and TNTlcr load cell roll featured image

Montalvo’s LCR and TNT all in one load cell and roller combinations define convenience and performance combined in one complete unit.

Check out our latest video for a unique conversation on just how the LCR and TNT work as well as how they define customer convenience. You won’t be disappointed as two of Montalvo’s star personalities tackle this important topic!

Check out the video on Montalvo’s YouTube Channel

Learn more about the LCR here

Learn more about the TNT here

Did You Know?

Montalvo’s brake pads have been asbestos free since before 1978. Making safe, performance driven, long lasting parts isn’t new to Montalvo. We have been doing it for decades! When you are looking for a brake pad that will last, a pad that will work hard, and a pad that will provide the performance you demand, look no further than Montalvo. And only original Montalvo pads carry our OEM stamp “Selectpart” on the back. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

November 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Video Series Launch: The V Pad – Productivity Defined!
Corrugator Solutions: New Webpage and Overview Sheet
NEW Blanket Ordering System

Video Series Launch: The V Pad – Productivity Defined!V Friction Pads

For awhile we have been touting how the V Pad is the definition of productivity. As the originators of the V Pad we have described its greatest features:

  • Tool-less pad changing process
  • Snap-out, snap-in pad changes
  • Superior construction for superior performance

Now, see it in action. We give you a first hand experience at how fast you can change every pad on your brake in this brief 1:45 video. Gain productivity, gain efficiency, gain performance. All with the V Pad.

The V Pad comes standard on all Montalvo V Brakes, and can be fitted as a drop in replacement with the Dual V Module for Montalvo Standard and HP Brakes

See the V Pad in action!

Corrugator Solutions: New Webpage and Overview Sheetlangston corrugator ur slider

Montalvo’s new Corrugator Roll Stand Upgrades webpage is dedicated to highlighting the upgrades Montalvo has performed on a variety of corrugators.

  • Martin
  • Langston
  • MHI
  • Marquip
  • United
  • and more!

This new section of the website features three presentations, providing an overview of how Montalvo upgrades a corrugator, some of the types of corrugator’s we have worked on, and shows a detailed walk through of a Martin and a Langston brake upgrade process.

Visit the Corrugator Roll Stand Brake Upgrades page

NEW Blanket Ordering System

Do you order 20 friction pads every 4 months? Have a production schedule in which you will need two brakes every 10 weeks? Want 4  oad cells at your door every 3 months without the process of having to re-order every time? Place one order, receive consistent, on time deliveries throughout any 12 month period based on your needs.

No matter what product you need; if you need certain quantities of specific products delivered on a recurring basis, Montalvo’s Blanket Ordering system is the answer. Eliminate the need to place an order every time you need product, eliminate variables in delivery dates and obtain fixed pricing while receiving any applicable quantity discounts.

You pick the product(s) and you decide the delivery schedule over any 12 month period, and we deliver. Montalvo’s blanket order contracts ensure you have the products you require on the schedule you require.


  • Submit one order for your anticipated and recurring needs throughout any 12 month period.
  • Obtain fixed pricing and take advantage of any quantity discounts by ordering all your product(s) at once.
  • Eliminate variables in deliveries throughout the year. Products delivered on time, based on the contract schedule you specify.
  • Available for Custom Products

For additional information visit the Blanket Ordering News Page on our website, or to set up your Blanket Order Contact Us or call 1-800-226-8710.

October 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
NEW PRODUCT! Micro Rotary Union (MRU)
Tour the CORR! Exclusive video of Montalvo’s SuperCorr 2012 Booth #3035
What do YOU want to SEE?

NEW PRODUCT! Micro Rotary Union (MRU)

Micro Rotary Union (MRU)

Micro Rotary Union (MRU)

Montalvo introduces its newest product; the MRU Micro Rotary Union! The Montalvo Micro Rotary Union is a mechanical rotating device that allows the transfer of air to and from rotating equipment. It is used in machinery that requires a constant air flow during rotation and can operate at speeds of up to 7000 RPM with a maximum air pressure of 75 psi.

The small size is ideal for use in applications with limited space. The MRU uses micro precision instrument bearings and a carbon seal. The shaft is made of rugged stainless steel.

For more detailed information on the MRU, datasheets, drawings, and more visit the MRU Product Webpage

Tour the CORR! Exclusive video of Montalvo’s SuperCorr 2012 Booth #3035

Weren’t able to attend this years SuperCorr Expo 2012 or just want to see what Montalvo was exhibiting? Take a walk through Montalvo’s booth via our exclusive video tour. On display were Montalvo’s Langston and Martin Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Packages, as well as a working demo of our U-Series Under Pillow Block Load Cells.

Even if you aren’t in the corrugating industry Montalvo shows you just how it easy it is to upgrade your tension brakes to a V Series Brake featuring easy installation, greater performance capabilities, and tool-LESS, snap out-snap in pad changes.

What do YOU want to SEE? Montalvo wants to hear from you!

Montalvo has started putting together a new series of videos on a variety of topics such as product how-to’s, product features, product’s in action, and more. What videos would be the most beneficial to you? What do you want to see? What do you want highlighted and showcased? Feature? Benefit? Calibration or Installation Procedure? You name it, just let us know.

In our commitment to provide you high quality, informative content, Montalvo’s new video series hopes to bring visibility to many of the features, benefits, and questions you may have wondered about. Simply reply to this email with what video topic you’d like to see!

September 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Tension Control Article: The Importance of Load Cells (Transducers)
Montalvo at SuperCorr Expo 2012: Booth #3035 Corrugating Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Packages

Tension Control Article: The Importance of Load Cells (Transducers)

Excerpt: “The trend towards faster, wider web width machinery and the processing of a broader range of substrates has resulted in a greater emphasis being placed on tension control equipment. Without an accurate method of measurement and control, product quality and productivity will be affected. Distortions in a material, stretched as a result of excessive tension, can be just as counterproductive as folds and creases from too low a tension. Web breaks and the consequent downtime are costly affairs.

In order to control web tension, there must be continual and precise measurement of actual tension in the web in a format that is meaningful to the process line’s tension control system. That system regulates tension through the drives or through brakes at zones in the line that are preset to determine tension levels.”

Read the full article…

Montalvo at SuperCorr Expo 2012: Booth #3035 Corrugating Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Packages

Montalvo will once again be attending the SuperCorr Expo in Atlanta, GA, showcasing its Corrugating Brake Upgrade Packages. Montalvo has worked with the industry’s biggest names in Corrugating machines, including Martin, Langston, MHI, Marquip, United and more!

Montalvo has specifically designed and modified its line of V Series Brakes to meet the unique requirements of each of these corrugating machines to make installation simple and fast while producing long term productivity and profitability gains.

On display at this year’s SuperCorr will be a Martin and Langston Upgrade package along with presentations on their upgrade packages for a variety of other corrugating machines. Video presentations will detail the installation process to show everyone just how easy it is with Montalvo.

Montalvo will also be showcasing their U-Series line of load cells with live sensitivity and output tests. If your not able to attend the show and would either like copies of the upgrade packages presentations or additional information on any of Montalvo’s Corrugating Brake Upgrades.

August 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Case Study: Engineering and Ingenuity Result in Reduced Wire and Felt Costs
Product Spotlight: U Series Under Pillow Block Load Cells

Case Study: Engineering and Ingenuity Result in Reduced Wire and Felt Costs

South Glens Falls, New York —
A single load cell has made a significant difference in the operations of a web forming machine sold and serviced by Glens Falls Interweb, Inc.

The problem: The wire carrying the material consistently experience premature failures, resulting in higher costs and greater downtime.

The solution…

Take a detailed look at a real world example of how one change can make all the difference for an entire application. Montalvo’s Application Specialists are able to review and diagnose any application and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals and solve any tension control problems.

Read the full case study here

Product Spotlight: U Series Under Pillow Block Load Cells

U-75 Under Pillow Block Load Cell

U-75 Under Pillow Block Load Cell

For applications requiring performance, precision, durability and easy installation The U-Series Under Pillow Block Load Cell is the answer. Combining industry leading sensitivity with rugged construction, the U-Series’ 100% stainless steel construction offers extreme protection & unmatched performance in the harshest environments. Designed for use with pillow block bearings.

Benefits Include:

  • Maximum signal feedback accuracy from zero to maximum tension (full scale linear output).
  • Industry leading resolution & sensitivity.
  • Semiconductor strain gauge minimizes variability and increases precision & accuracy in your application.
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter and dust proof for an extended service life. IP-67 Rated.
  • And more…

For a complete list of benefits and more details on Montalvo’s U Series Load Cells visit the U Series Product Page.

July 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Dancer Tension Control
Product Spotlight: Dancer Position Sensor (DPS)

Dancer Tension Control

DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller w/ Tension Indication

DTI3400 Dancer Controller w/ Tension Indication

Processes that require rapid acceleration and/or deceleration respond better to dancer control methods. Indexing, or Start/Stop applications with relatively short dwell or idle times respond better to dancer control due to the web storage capacities that well designed dancer systems afford. Continuous application where on-the-fly splices are utilized, dancer systems again provide necessary web storage for smooth, trouble-free splices.

Processes that require the use of a dancer require a tension controller that can bring precise, accurate, and repeatable control to your application. Montalvo features two controllers specifically designed for the unique requirements of a dancer system. The DTI-3400HD and D-3400HD combines leading technology with advanced functionality to create a performance driven, convenient and easy to operate tension control system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Soft Start: eliminates shocks to the web on startup
  • Anti-coast: prevents web tension from dropping on stop
  • Web Break Detection: stops machine should a break occur
  • Splice: maintains tension for more successful splices
  • Compatible with a variety of feedback sources such as: ultra-sonic sensors, dancer position sensors, proximity switches, laser sensors, and potentiometers
  • Prevents over compensation of the dancer/rider arm when detecting an error in tension to ensure uniform control.
  • and more

For a full list of benefits and more details check out the DTI-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller with Indication or the D-3400HD Dancer Tension Controller webpages.

Product Spotlight: Dancer Position Sensor (DPS)

DPS Installed on Dancer

DPS Installed on Dancer

No-Contact, No-Wear, Dancer/Roll Arm Position Sensors

Say goodbye to complicated, time consuming dancer/rider arm potentiometers with the DPS dancer position sensor / inclinometer. The DPS is a microelectric, no wear part system that responds quicker and more accurately to any changes in the dancers position.

Key Benefits:

Faster response time provides immediate position feedback, while providing extreme accuracy of +/- 0.5° (99.98%). The DPS is also short circuit proof. The DPS is sensitive to the slightest changes in the dancer arm position, <0.1°, which gives you precise and accurate tension feedback.

Maintain proper tension & maximize the profitability of your machines with the DPS Dancer Position Sensor/Inclinometer. Compact housing & two mounting holes allows for easy and versatile installation without needing to make adjustments to you application. Non-contact housing combined with no wear parts gives the DPS Dancer Position Sensor/Inclinometer an exceptionally long service life. IP-68 Rated, water & dust proof.

For a full list of benefits and more information visit the DPS Product Page here

June 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Article: Precision Tension Control in Non-Woven Converting
Which is better for Web Applications, a brake or a drive?

Article: Precision Tension Control in Nonwoven Converting

Excerpt: “To be a leading player in non-wovens, the producer of web fed rolled goods must not only master new production techniques, which include a greater emphasis on satisfying customer quality requirements, there is also a need to master the inconsistencies and irregularities that crop up in the day to day production process. One of the most effective ways is by improving web control through better tension control.

The production of non-woven materials can present unique tension control problems, for instance, the production of kitchen towels, wipes and toilet tissue, some of which may be embossed and/or printed require very low tensions. Low extensibility and tight tolerances has meant that many producers and OEM’s require precision tension control systems that integrate seamlessly with the parent machine control logic, i.e. PLC/PC systems; systems and system components that are highly responsive to changing conditions in the web, and that are able to provide repeatability of results.”

Read the Full Article

Which is better for Web Applications, a brake or a drive?

Excerpt: The simple answer is in most unwind applications either system will work equally well and the brake system will be significantly less expensive and less complicated.

The only advantage a drive system has over a brake system is:

1. The drive system can maintain more precise tension during the acceleration of the roll. This is very important if you are running large rolls of very delicate materials (such as tissue paper) or materials that are very extensible.

The disadvantage to drive system is:

1. Significantly more expensive. Not only are the individual components as much as 2-3 times more than a brake system, the installation and service usually requires personnel that are very familiar with drive controllers, PLC, etc.”

Above is a brief snapshot of the information found in the entire article. For the full comparison and review of the advantages and disadvantages visit the article page here

April 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
In Depth Look: Brake Noise
Product Spotlight: DPS Dancer Position Sensor / Inclinometer

In Depth Look: Brake NoiseTechnical Papers

A new article from Montalvo takes an in depth look in the potential causes of brake noise to help determine the best way to prevent it.

Excerpt: “Montalvo has spent a great deal of time and money over the years discovering causes and finding solutions to brake noise. There are two approaches to solving this problem. (1) eliminate the vibrations causing the audible noise or (2) accept a certain degree of vibration in the system and attempt to dampen it to levels not audible by the human ear.

Dampening features can be added to any component of the brake system and into the friction material itself. The dampening characteristics of the pad, however, are affected by operating conditions and the environment. The feasibility of such dampening methods must also be considered…”

Read the Full Article

Product Spotlight: DPS Dancer Position Sensor / Inclinometerdps dancer position sensor featured image

Accurately and precisely detect the slightest changes in dancer arm position change for greater control of your process.

No Wear Parts, Zero Maintenance. Say goodbye to complicated, time consuming dancer/rider arm potentiometers with the DPS dancer position sensor / inclinometer. Utilizing the latest in sensor technology the DPS is a micro-electric, no wear part system that responds quicker and more accurately to any changes in the dancers position.

Features include:

  • Easy and versatile installation
  • Non Contact Housing and No Wear Parts for extended service life
  • 0.05 to 0.1 second response time for FULL SWING
  • Industry Leading Repeatability: 0.001
  • Dual Axis measuring capabilities. X or Y axis!
  • …and more

Visit the DPS Product Page for detailed information

May 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
In Brief: Taper Tension for Rewind Control
SAMPE 2012 Booth #1348

In Brief: Taper Tension for Rewind ControlTechnical Papers

Excerpt: “Taper tension is sometimes necessary if you are center winding film or other extensible material. If you maintain a constant tension on the web, as the diameter of the roll increases, the wraps become tighter. This sometimes stretches the web. If the web just came from a dryer section and the film is warm when it is wound, it will tend to stretch more. Then as it cools, it shrinks to its original size and either telescopes the roll or crushes the core. Similar problems arise when winding extensible foam materials as well.

The best method of achieving taper tension is to measure the diameter of the roll, either using an ultrasonic sensor or two pulse tachometers (one on measuring revolutions of the rewind roll and one measuring revolutions of a drive roll).”

Read the Full Article

SAMPE 2012 Booth #1348

Montalvo is excited to announce it will be exhibiting at this year’s SAMPE show in Baltimore, MD May 21-24 Booth #1348. This show is tailored for the Advanced Materials and Composites industry and Montalvo will be showcasing some new and innovative products that not only directly benefit this industry but others as well. As the world’s largest conference and exhibition for advanced materials, SAMPE 2012 attracts over 350 exhibiting companies and 5,000 attendees.

Montalvo will be highlighting a few new products including:

  • Our line of Mi Interfaces
  • NS Load Cell
  • Filament Load Cell
  • The new I4 Indicator
  • New Dancer Controlled Servo System
  • Other products on display include
  • U4
  • S4
  • V Brakes
  • ES and U series Load Cells
  • PB Magnetic Particle Brake
  • A4
  • DPS
  • P3000HD Range Expander
  • X3400HD

Coming soon will be a new Advanced Materials and Composites section of the website, a Booth Brochure highlighting all of Montalvo’s products and display’s at the show, and new product datasheets and webpages.

March 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
The continuation of a 65 year tradition…Montalvo celebrates 65th anniversary!
Industry Leading Tension Controller Ships in Less Than 1 week!

The continuation of a 65 year tradition…Montalvo celebrates 65th anniversary!

“There’s only one right way to build a product. Do it right the first time and back it up with top flight after-sales service.”
-Edwin J. Montalvo Sr.

2012 marks the 65th anniversary of the Montalvo Corporation. Founded in 1947 by Edwin J. Montalvo Sr. the Montalvo Corporation continues the core principle it was built on: build a product right the first time and back it up with the highest quality service and support. 65 years of proud tradition routed in Better Products, Better Services, & Better Support to create Better Web Control! That’s the Montalvo Advantage!

Check out the Montalvo 65 page for more!

Industry Leading Tension Controller Ships in Less Than 1 week!

s4 tension controller surface mount

S4 (surface mount)

The S4 Digital Tension Controller is now available with a 1 week lead time. Continuing on a long running tradition of performance, precision, and easy operation the S4 is the next evolution of the S Series of Montalvo Tension Controllers.

S4 features include:

  • Soft Start
  • Anti-Cost
  • Splice
  • Taper
  • Inertia Compensation
  • Web Break Detection
  • Remote Setpoint
  • Remote Tension On/Off

Start increasing the capabilities and capacities of your machines with the S4 by next week!

For a full list of the S4’s industry leading features & benefits visit the S4 product page

February 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
ES Load Cells: Greater Sensitivity and Immediate Delivery
Make Your Older or Used Machine Run Like NEW!

ES Load Cells: Greater Sensitivity and Immediate Deliveryes load cells combination-242x172

Not all load cells are created equal. Montalvo has enhanced the capabilities of it’s already industry leading ES Series of load cells to deliver even higher precision and accuracy. The ability of your load cells to detect even the most microscopic changes in tension equals greater line speeds, greater productivity and greater profits.

The ES Series consists of three types of load cells to meet the needs of your application: Dead Shaft/Idler (ES-I), Live Shaft (ES-LS), and Live Roller (ES-LR). Immediate Delivery: The Dead Shaft/Idler (ES-I) type of ES load cells are now also available in 4 standard load ranges to give you immediate delivery when you need them. Standard Size ES-I Load Cells ship in less than 1 week ARO!

Select which type of ES Load Cell you are looking for to learn more
Dead Shaft/Idler (ES-I)Live Shaft (ES-LS)Live Roller (ES-LR)

Make Your Older or Used Machine Run Like NEW! 

Older, used machines need increased productivity and enhanced capabilities to compete with today’s new machines. Montalvo specializes in cost effective, strategic tension control upgrades so that your older or used machine can operate as if it were new. Producing immediate return on investment, Montalvo’s industry leading tension control products not only pay for themselves, but your productivity gains can start funding other key components of your business.

Learn more about Montalvo’s tension control upgrades!


January 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Tool of the Month: Variable Wrap Angle Calculator
New Product: i4-HD Single and Multi Zone Tension Indicators

Tool of the Month: Variable Wrap Angle Calculator

Variable Wrap Angle Technology™, a Montalvo exclusive, improves on conventional web tension measurement and control by eliminating the need for isolation of the tension sensing roll with a lead-in or lead-out idler roll, saving money and valuable machine real estate. This month we highlight our Variable Wrap Angle Calculator used for determining application parameters to program into your VWrap capable controller. Access the VWrap Calculator here If you’re not familiar with this industry changing innovation from Montalvo please refer to our Variable Wrap Technical article written by our Applications Specialist, Doug Brockelbank.

New Product: i4-HD Single and Multi Zone Tension Indicatorsi4HD Indicator

Don’t get caught questioning the tension of your application, risking waste and profitability. Always know the precise tension of your process with the i4HD. The i4HD amplifies the tension signal from the load cells and displays them on a clear, easy to read analog or digital display.

Montalvo’s i4HD Tension Indicators can be customized to meet the needs or your application. Whether you’re looking for indication from 1, 2, 3, 4, or more zones Montalvo’s i4HD is available with either digital or analog readouts.

Product Feature Highlights:

  • Digital or Analog Tension Readout
    • The i4HD is available with either a clear, easy to read Digital or Analog Tension Display.
  • A4 Amplifier
    • At the heart of the i4HD is the A4 Amplifier which combines simplicity & functionality in one package, with such features as one push button calibration, load cell fault detection, remote calibration, and much more. Informative Indication Just as a smoke detector alerts you to a potential hazard, the i4HD gives your more information about your process to avoid hazards and ensure productivity.
  • Anywhere Process Indication
    • The i4HD is capable in indicating tension anywhere along your process for precise tension indication where you need it most.

To learn more about Montalvo’s i4HD Tension Indicators please visit the i4HD Single and Multi Zone Tension Indicators webpage