February 2015 Better Web Control Newsletter

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ICE USA & Europe Preview

Montalvo to Debut All New Tension Controller, Safety Chucks & Open Loop Control System at ICE 2015
Z4 Tension Controller – Guardian Safety Chucks – TSC Control System

Over the past year we have been working hard at developing some real industry game changers and a set to debut three entirely new product lines along with our lineup of load cells, brakes, controllers, sensors and more at ICE USA 2015 & ICE Europe 2015.

ICE USA: Booth #511
ICE Europe: Hall A6, Stand 481

We will be showcasing our latest advanced tension controller, the Z4, along with our new line of patent pending Guardian Safety Chucks, and a new Open Loop Tension Control System featuring the patent pending TSB Torque Sensing Brakes.

The Z4, Guardian Chucks and TSC System offer a variety of new functions, features, and patent pend technology that the industry just hasn’t seen before, and will truly improve the capabilities of existing an new machines.

In today’s competitive landscape every advantage matters and these products deliver.

Detailed Product Information:

Z4 Tension ControllerZ4 automatic tension controller

  • Processes: Unwind, Intermediate/Nip, Rewind, Differential Rewind
  • Feedback: Load Cell, Dancer, or Both
  • Functionality: Soft Start, Anti Coast, Splice, Taper, Inertia Compensation, Web Break Detection, Remote Setpoint, Remote Tension On/Off, Progressive Gain, Trim Adjust, Variable Wrap, Range Expansion, Dual Calibration
  • 7″ HD Display Screen
  • 110-240VAC and 24VDC versions
  • Process Trend Storage
  • User Defined Units & Scaling
  • Remote Installation (Z4r)
  • Upgradeable Communications
  • Ethernet (Q1 2015)
  • Multi Lingual HMI
  • Two Mounting Options (Z4e): Panel or Surface
  • Compatible with Pneumatic or Electric Brakes & Clutches
  • Compatible with Drives
  • Analog & Digital Hybrid
  • Automated Shaft Fill
  • Compatible with a Range of Feedback Sources: Ultra-Sonic Sensors, Dancer Position Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Laser Sensors, and Potentiometers.
  • Tension Indication
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Set It & Forget It Technology


Guardian Safety Chucks guardian safety chuck

  • Redesigned Handwheel & Journal Seat Replaceable Handwheel Inserts – no longer a need to replace worn handwheels Reversible Safety Lock (optional)
  • Available Worldwide
  • Automatic Locking
  • Rugged, Hardened Design
  • Pedestal Mount or Flange Mount Options High Speed
  • Superior Concentricity


TSC Torque Sensing Control SystemMontalvo Torque Sensor

  • Customizable System Packages
    • Pick and choose TSC system components based on the needs of your application to creat your total tension control solution.
  • TSC Components
    • V or CS Series Torque Sensing Brake with TS1 Torque Sensor
    • U4 Open Loop/Diameter Tension Controller
    • US4 Ultrasonic Sensor or Proximity Sensors IP Converter
  • Easy Installation, Set Up & Operation
    • Save time with quick and easy installation and set up, while still providing simple to use operation.
  • Reduces Machine Build Cost
    • The TSC system eliminates the need for additional rollers and load cells while still providing precise, consistent tension control.
  • Easily Upgrade Existing Machines
    • Upgrade the capabilities of your machine. The TSC system easily integrates into existing machines, while working with existing components, allowing you to select only the specific new TSC components you need.
  • The U4 – Advanced, Fully Featured Tension Controller
    • Featuring soft start, anti-coast, taper tension, 0-10V or 4-20mA versions, programmable diameter alarms, the ability to save up to 9 different tension process parameters, and more.
  • Smooth, Precise, Repeatable Tension Control from Full Roll to Core
    • Montalvo’s performance driven V and CS series tension brakes feature industry leading linear torque delivery, wide torque ranges, high heat dissipation, high quality construction, and reduced maintenance time.
  • Compact & Space Saving Tension Control Package
  • Performance Driven, High Quality Components

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