January 2011 Newsletter

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Variable Wrap Angle Technology™
Product Spotlight: CB-64 Controllers
Tool of the Month: Material Maximum Tension Value’s Reference Guide

Variable Wrap Angle Technology™

(Excerpt) “Variable Wrap Angle Technology™, a Montalvo exclusive, improves on conventional web tension measurement and control by eliminating the need for isolation of the tension sensing roll with a lead-in or lead-out idler roll, saving money and valuable machine real estate.

This technology allows installation of load cells for web tension measurement and control on the first idler roll after an unwind roll, or on the last idler roll prior to the rewinder. This means customers can save space and save money by installing fewer idler rolls on the machine.

Additionally, the technology may allow the retrofit of a closed-loop tension control system where it was not thought possible before due to space and cost restrictions. This system can also be used where the material being processed may only contact a roll on one side, such as with sensitive coatings or adhesives. Variable Wrap Angle technology is featured on all Montalvo CB-64-based tension controllers. The CB-64 control system is the first and only stand-alone tension controller in the industry with this capability…”

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Product Spotlight: CB-64 Controllers

The CB-64 Circuit Board provides some of the most advanced features & technology while maximizing ease of use. Create an instant upgrade to your application and achieve a quick Return on Investment while creating lasting profit increases. CB-64 based controllers include the X-3400, DTI-3400, and D-3400 Tension Controllers.

CB-64 Features Include:

  • Load Cell (X-3400) or Dancer (DTI-3400, D-3400) Compatible Unwind, Intermediate, or Rewind Zone Capable
  • Accurate, Precise, Repeatable Tension Control
  • Easy Operation
  • Differential Winding Capable
  • Range Expansion
  • Web Break Detection
  • Inertia Compensation
  • Transferable Memory Card
  • RS-232 Interface to a Computer or PLC Industrial Standard Fieldbus Connections

Whether you are using load cells or dancer arms, or need improvements to your unwind, intermediate, or rewind zone, the CB-64 can do it all.

A CB-64 Controller simply allows your machine to do more, perform better, & maximize end product quality. Throw away less; sell more, with the CB-64!

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Tool of the Month: Material Maximum Tension Value’s Reference Guide

Montalvo’s online Tools provide you the answers you’re looking for to your Tension Control Question. This month we feature our Material Maximum Tension Value’s Reference Guide for quick and easy look up of typical materials and what their maximum tension allowance is.

View the Tension Value Reference Guide