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December 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Introducing the ALL NEW!

Introducing the ALL NEW has been completely redesigned with a cleaner, faster and easy to navigate interface while providing you access to greater amounts of information.

As part of our commitment to give our customers the very best, the new ensures you have access to all that is Montalvo. From products, to local contacts, to datasheets and drawings the new gets you the information you seek.

As industry leaders the new looks to highlight Montalvo’s greatest competitive advantage: our second to none web tension control knowledge. The new consulting and services section highlights the unique work Montalvo has done for its customers to make them more productive and more profitable in their day to day operations.

What’s new at

Enhanced Product Sections & Pages
A cleaner interface ensures you find the exact product you are looking for, while featuring enhanced imagery. Redesigned product pages provide complete product features, descriptions, and access to product collateral including drawings, datasheets and more. Montalvo manufactures industry leading products and here they are highlighted in full detail.

New Consulting Section
Unique problems require unique solutions. Montalvo has consulted on thousands of projects, performed some amazing upgrades and rebuilds and even invented new products to solve our customers tension control problems. This new section briefly highlights a small portfolio of projects completed by Montalvo Applications Specialists and Engineers. Put our vast knowledge to work for you!

New Support Section
Customers know when they speak with a Montalvo Applications Specialist they are getting the very best in industry support. In an ongoing effort to bring this support to the online community the new Support section gives you access to tools/calculators, drawing/manual/datasheet libraries, and individual product support pages with collateral, and FAQ’s all in one place.

Detailed Services Pages
At Montalvo we partner with you to give you the very best. When you purchase web tension control products from Montalvo, you get more than just the most reliable equipment in the industry. Take an in depth look at the Services Montalvo offers its customer such as equipment training, seminars, start-up assistance, project consultation, and more!

Enhanced Language Capability
As a worldwide leader in tension control the new incorporates the power of Google Translate to assist our global customer base. Using the drop down menu you can select your language of choice to have Google Translate translate the entire site for you.

New Layout & Navigation
With an emphasis on making it easier to get you to the information you seek faster,’s new layout creates simple channels for you to navigate through to site.


November 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Montalvo capitalizes on LinkedIn’s NEW “Company Status Updates” to quickly and directly communicate with the Web Tension Control Community
Press Release: Montalvo Upgrades for Mark Andy & Other Narrow Web Pesses

Montalvo capitalizes on LinkedIn’s NEW “Company Status Updates” to quickly and directly communicate with the Web Tension Control Community

Montalvo is utilizing LinkedIn’s New Company Status Updates to directly share announcements, product releases, promotions, news articles and more directly with our LinkedIn followers.

Share your comments, feedback, and discuss posts directly with Montalvo, our followers, or your followers. Gain access to information faster for greater direct engagement amongst the web tension control community.

In an increasing effort to best communicate directly with you our customers, create ongoing conversations, and share information across the globe, LinkedIn’s Company Status Updates ensure timely and readily available information.

To follow Montalvo and have access to our Company Status Updates visit Montalvo’s LinkedIn Company Page and click Follow

Press Release: Montalvo Upgrades for Mark Andy & Other Narrow Web Presses

“Gorham, Maine- The Montalvo Corporation, international specialists in industrial web control systems, has installed upgrades to Mark Andy 2200 presses that have provided many benefits for users, such as:

  •  increased production
  • minimized waste
  • reduced set-up time
  • no time lost for upgrade installation
    more machine flexibility
  • ability to run a variety of products
  • easier for operators to use

The Montalvo upgrade system allows for tension control on extensible materials from full roll to the core on Mark Andy 2200 presses. Where older systems have a drive belt and pulley system that are heavy and create too much torque for accurate web tension control, the Montalvo system uses no belts and no pulleys. The upgrade features a Montalvo C-Series brake assembly that weighs less than the old pulleys and will control web tension down to one p.s.i. or 0.57 lb.-in. of torque.”

Visit Montalvo’s Mark Andy Press Upgrade Pages for a step by step walk through on a couple previous Mark Andy Press upgrades.

October 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Improving Slitter/Winder Performance on Differential Winding Shafts with the X-3400 Controller
Press Release: Montalvo @ ICE Europe 2011

Improving Slitter/Winder Performance on Differential Winding Shafts with the X-3400 Controller 

“When considering upgrading your slitter winder for differential rewinding capabilities, selecting the proper winding shafts is only part of the equation.  The differential shafts will allow the cores to slip, but controlling the amount of slip, and the torque transferred to the cores needs to be considered carefully as well.

In order to ensure successful differential winding, you must consider your shaft requirements carefully. You must also consider how the machine will deal with providing the correct amount of overspeed rotation for the winding shafts, along with adjusting the torque levels to wind a quality roll with the proper amount of taper tension. By considering the control system as well, only then will you be able to fully take advantage of the benefits differential winding has to offer.

The Montalvo X-3400 Rewind Tension Controller, part of the Montalvo CB-64 family of tension controllers, will precisely regulate the torque levels transferred to the rolls, no matter what the slit width is, and control the overspeed required for the rewind motor to ensure minimal core dusting, eliminate overheating, increase the lifespan of the winding shafts, and simplify the entire winding process for quality results every time…”

Read the Entire Article Here

Press Release: Montalvo @ ICE Europe 2011

The Montalvo Corporation, international specialists in industrial web control systems, will be in HALL B6, STAND 590 at the ICE (International Converting Exhibition) Trade Show November 8-10, 2011 in Munich, Germany.

Among the web control products displayed by Montalvo at ICE will be their new generation of tension controllers, including the S4 digital controller, U4 open loop controller, and A4 load cell amplifier module.

Other innovations will include the Montalvo DPS-1 Dancer Position Sensor used on rider arms, dancers, accumulators and multi-pass dancers and a large range of other tilt applications.

Other new products and services will include the ES series load cells, U-Series load cells, two V-series industrial brakes, a
HP-Series brake demonstration, and information on ways to accurately control web tension. Montalvo specialists will be at the show who can provide assistance with system evaluation, installation and setup of Montalvo web control equipment on customers’ machines.

September 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Achieve Tension Control Euphoria With The All NEW U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Tension Controller
System4: Intelligent Design

Achieve Tension Control Euphoria With The All NEW U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Tension ControllerU4 Tension Controller

As the latest addition to Montalvo’s SYSTEM4 line up of products the U4 brings advanced features (typically found only in closed-loop control systems) such as soft start, anti-coast, and taper tension, to open-loop tension control.

The U4 is compatible with a variety of inputs, including ultra-sonic sensors, proximity switches, laser sensors, & rider arms.

Store up to 9 groups of Tension Control Parameters and when combined with Montalvo’s exclusive “Set it & Forget it” technology your machines run at maximum productivity each and every shift delivering immediate productivity & profitability gains.

  • Other features include:
  • Programmable Diameter Alarms
  • Unwind & Rewind Functionality
  • Soft Start, Anti-Coast, Taper, Splice Imperial or Metric Set-up
  • Trim Adjust
  • 0-10V or 4-20mA Output

To learn more about the U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Controller visit the U4 Product Webpage

System4 Intelligent Design

The U4 adds to the growing number of products that comprise Montalvo’s newest innovations & technologically advanced web tension control products.

System4 Lineup:

S4 Digital Tension Controller

S4 Digital Tension Controller – Surface Mount

  • S4 Digital Tension Controller
  • U4 Open Loop Diameter Based Controller
  • A4 Digital Amplifier

The S4 Digital Controller


  • Set It & Forget It Technology Easy Operation
  • Flexible Operation
  • Unwind or Rewind Strain or Foil Gauge Load Cells
  • Panel or Surface Mount Pneumatic or Electric Brakes
  • Pneumatic or Electric Clutches
  • 15 Stored Tension Parameter Groups
  • Unwind & Rewind Fucntionality
    • Soft Start, Anti-Coast, Splice, Taper, Inertia Comp, Web Break Detection, Remote Setpoint, Remote Tension On/Off

The S4 is a seamless replacement for all Montalvo S Series Controllers and features a lower price & 2 week delivery time.

Learn More About the S4 Here 

The A4 Digital Amplifier

Features:A4 Digital Amplifier

  • Automatic Application
  • Fault/Damage Detection
  • Remote Calibration
  • Remotely Monitor Graphical
  • Inputs
  • One Push Button Calibration
  • One Push Button Zeroing
  • Easy Operation
  • Semiconductor and Foil Gauge Load Cell Compatible Left, Right, & Total Output
  • 24 V Operation
  • Integrates with both Drives & PLCs

Learn More About the A4 Here

August 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Tension Control Makeover for Expanded Machine Capability
Product Spotlight: KL Safety Chucks

Tension Control Makeover for Expanded Machine Capabilityflexo press tension control upgrade

In today’s economic environment the ability to invest in new equipment can be a challenge, but competing against new equipment can be an even more challenging. The ability for a machine to compete with the latest models comes down to its capabilities.

Having worked on practically every type of application in the industry, Montalvo is an expert in upgrading the capabilities of practically any application.

Montalvo partners with you to learn more about your application, learn what your objectives are and create a tension control package that gives your application greater capabilities for greater productivity and greater profitability.

Achieve more with your application for a fraction of the cost of a new machine while obtaining rapid return on investment.
One such Tension Control Makeover was highlighted by Editor in Chief Mark Spaulding for Converter Magazine. The featured article was on a Flexopress/Bagmaker upgrade for Fisher Paper Products.

Read the Article Here

Product Spotlight: KL Safety Chucks

Montalvo Safety Chucks were designed with one goal in mind; create the ultimate in safety while making installation easy and providing maximum performance with a long service life.KL Safety Chucks

Heavy duty bearing design ensures maximum load and speed capacities so not only are you maximizing safety, but you’re not sacrificing productivity for it.

Automatic locking, hardened design, high speed ability, superior concentricity and multiple installation options make the KL the premier choice in safety chucks.

Protect your employees; protect your machine with Montalvo’s KL Safety Chucks

Visit the KL Safety Chuck Product Page to Learn More

July 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Custom Design Services
Official Press Release: Montalvo Europe
Montalvo Asia Continues to Provide Industry Leading Service & Support Throughout Asia

Custom Design Services

Montalvo Engineers are some of the industry’s best and can tailor fit practically any product to meet your applications unique needs, or even create a new custom product for you. No matter your current situation Montalvo works with you to custom design the solution you need to maximize productivity & profitability.

On the Custom Designs Webpage you will find a brief snapshot of just some of the custom designs Montalvo has provided our customers.

We have built our reputation on solving even the most challenging tension control problems and can do the same for you! Contact Us today.

View the Custom Designs Webpage Here

Official Press Release: Montalvo Europe Montalvo Europe Map


“Gorham, Maine- The Montalvo Corporation, international specialists in industrial web control systems, has opened its European office as a direct connection to the company for customers in Europe.

President Ed Montalvo says, “Customers throughout Europe can now contact us directly at the European office for both sales and support.”
The office is in Horsens, Denmark, and is headed by Helge Birkwald. The office oversees direct sales and provides sales support and technical backup for end-user customers, representatives and distributors.

Contact Montalvo Europe

Montalvo Asia Continues to Provide Industry Leading Service & Support Throughout AsiaMontalvo Asia Map

In late 2007 Montalvo established Montalvo (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. to meet the growing demands of the Asian market. Over the past four years Montalvo Asia has been able to provide high quality, local service & support to its customers increasing the productivity & profitability of their applications.

Contact Montalvo Asia

June 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Industry Article: Accurate, Consistent Tension Control for Maximum Productivity in Roll to Roll or Roll to Sheet Processes
Product Spotlight: Ultimate Performance & Convenience: Load Cell / Roll Assembly

Accurate, Consistent Tension Control for Maximum Productivity in Roll to Roll or Roll to Sheet Processes

-Featured in the first edition of Converting Quarterly Magazine. Written by Doug Brockelbank

Excerpt- “Tension is due to forces pulling against each other and when applied to processes involving moving webs, it is necessary for the sake of production efficiency, that these opposing forces are stabilized at a set value which is applicable to both the material and the process.

Tension is an invisible force, so unless the correct regulating equipment is in place the result of incorrect tension may not become apparent until, in the case of some converted products, it is delivered to the end user. This is particularly so in the case of stretch films and laminates.

The correct tension, regardless of material, is dependent not only on its modulus of elasticity but also on the process which is being carried out at the time. To cite one example, a flexographic printing press engaged in printing on thin gauge plastic film will require a different set of tension values for the unwinding process, a different set of tension values for the printing process, and for slitting, and for rewinding….”

Read the Entire Article Here 

Product Spotlight: The Ultimate in Performance & Convenience – Load Cell / Roll Assemblylcr load cell roll featured image

Montalvo’s Load Cell Roll Assembly combines our industry leading load cells with a lightweight roller to create a complete performance driven, convenient tension measuring system.

LCR’s are manufactured to your exact specifications with a variety of load range, mounting, roll material, and finish options.

Featuring Montalvo’s new ES Load Cells, the LCR provides industry leading sensitivity to the slightest changes in tension so your application is a productive and profitable as possible.

Access the Load Cell / Roll Assembly

May 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

TAG You’re It: Montalvo Incorporates New Technology
ICE USA 2011: A Recap of All The News From The Show
Tool of the Month: The New Tension Values Reference Card

Montalvo Makes Information More Accessible Through Microsoft TAG

“The Montalvo Corporation, international specialists in industrial web control systems, are adding to the ways they provide customer support by using the Microsoft Tag system.

President Ed Montalvo says he believes Montalvo is among the first in the industry to do so. “It’s in Scan This Tag! keeping with our corporate philosophy to stay ahead of today’s technology and to provide the best possible service to our customers,” he says. The Tags, a product of Microsoft, is a new type of bar code that, when viewed through the camera of today’s “smart phones” will scan the Tag and automatically connect to the linked webpage or document for that specific Tag.”

Couldn’t Make It to The Show? Gain Access to Montalvo’s ICE USA Booth Brochure 

As industry leaders in innovation, Montalvo ushers in the latest advancements in Web Tension Control Technology. The All NEW System4 and HD Series made their debut at this years ICE USA. Montalvo also featured a variety of its other industry leading products, demonstrating application uses and how Montalvo’s products directly relate to increased productivity & profitability.  Montalvo’s booth brochure highlights all the products and demos that were on display at this years ICE USA. The brochure also features direct links to product literature through the use of Microsoft TAG.

Tool of the Month: The NEW Tension Values Reference Card for Paper & Paperboard

This month we are featuring our NEW Reference Chart ready to be hung next to your machine for quick and easy reference. Take the guess work out of Common Tension Values by downloading the Common Paper/Paperboard Tension Values for Converting Applications.

Just Print and Hang!

April 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

It’s Here: System 4 Has Arrived
The A4: The NEW A4 Digital Amplifier
The S4: Digital Tension Control

System4 Has Arrived

The ALL NEW System4 lineup of Web Tension Control Products ushers in the latest technology, features, and enhancements to increase your productivity and most importantly increase your PROFITABILITY!

Introducing the first two members of System4:

A4 Digital Amplifier
S4 Digital Tension Controller

The A4 Digital Amplifier 

A4 Digital Amplifier

The A4 Digital Amplifier combines simplicity & functionality in one small convenient package. The A4 has been engineered to meet the demands of today’s industry while making operation simple for any user. Ensure your application stays as productive and profitable as possible with the NEW A4 Digital Amplifier.


  • Automatic Load Cell Fault/Damage Detection
  • Remotely Calibrate & Graphically Monitor Raw Inputs from Your Computer
  • Quick & Easy Calibration
  • Easy Installation
  • Integrates with Both Drives & PLC’s
  • Works with Your Load Cells
  • 3 Channel Output: Left, Right, & Total
  • Powers Digital & Analog (needle type) Meters
  • Multiple Electronic Output Options
  • 24 V Operation

Learn more about the A4 Amplifier

The S4 Digital Tension Controller Faster Delivery – Lower Price – Proven Technology

s4 tension controller surface mount

S4 (surface mount)

Precise, Accurate, Consistent Tension Control in a compact modular unit. The S4 is THE EASIEST Controller in the industry to install, calibrate, and run while still offering a full range of advanced features. Performance & Simplicity combine to maximize your productivity and profitability.


  • Set It & Forget It Technology
  • Extremely Flexible Operating Options
  • Easy Operation
  • Enhanced Productivity From Shift to Shift
  • Material Tension Memory & Recall
  • Unwind & Rewind Functionality
  • Progressive Gain Technology

Learn more about the S4 Tension Controller

March 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Thin, Compact Design Combined with Leading Precision, Accuracy, & Repeatability: The F-Series
ICE USA 2011 Preview: Booth #329
The Next Evolution in Tension Control is Almost Here…

Thin, Compact Design Combined with Leading Precision, Accuracy, & Repeatability: The F-Series

Montalvo re-launches its F-Series compact load cells with increased precision, accuracy, and  repeatability. F-Series Load Cells are ideal for applications requiring maximum performance within a a  limited space.

F- Series Load Cell Features

  • High Tensile Aluminum Construction
  • Dust Tight: IP-54 Rated
  • Full Wheatstone Bridge
  • Versatile & Compact
  • 10x Overload Protection
  • Foil Gauge
  • Through Shaft Capable

Also referred to as pancake style load cells, Montalvo’s F-Series are sensitive to the slightest change’s in tension for precise tension feedback. Increase productivity y & & profitability with the F-Series Load Cell.

The F-Series is available in 3 different sizes and 3 different mounting styles to meet the needs of practically any application. The F-Series  can also be customized to ensure it t works within the parameters of your application.

Learn More About the F-Series C Compact Load Cells

ICE USA 2011 Preview: Booth #329

Montalvo is proud to be a key exhibitor at the first ever ICE USA 2011 show, April 6-8 in Orlando, FL. Montalvo will be displaying a variety of products, accompanied with live e  demonstrations of the DPS-1, KL Safety  Chuck, V-Brake, HP Brake, and d more!  ICE USA will also feature the unveiling of  Montalvo’s 2 NEW Product Lines!  Come see everything Montalvo has on  display at Booth #329.

The Next Evolution in Tension Control is Almost Here…

As innovators in tension control l MMontalvo has done it again. April 2011 ushers in the next EVOLUTION in tension control with an ALL NEW lineup of products.

coming soon…

February 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Measure Productivity in Seconds, Not Minutes: The V-Pad
Product Spotlight: The V-Brake
Tool of the Month: Brake Sizing Calculator

Measure Productivity in Seconds, Not Minutes: The V-PadV Friction Pads

In today’s competitive marketplace maximum machine productivity is essential.  Snap out, Snap In, Done–Pads Changed. That is all it takes to change every pad on your brake. In only seconds with zero tools your pads are changed and your machine is back up and running. It’s just that simple.

Most applications require a time e consuming process to change brake pads. That takes up valuable time that your machines could be running and generating profits. Save time with the V Pad.

The savings exponentially increase when factoring in the amount of pads on your brake, the amount of brakes in your organization, and how often you are required to change brake pads.  The V-Pad is created from the same materials as other Montalvo brake pads meaning you get the same high quality, long lasting, high performance brake pads you require, while exponentially increasing convenience.

Already built into Montalvo’s V-Brake the V-Pad can also be retrofitted into Montalvo Standard, HP, & HPS Brakes.

Learn more about the V Pad

Product Spotlight: The V-Brake v brake v pad and cover

The V-Brake excels at delivering the cooling capacity & wide torque range you need. Combined with Montalvo’s exclusive V-Pad, the V-Brake is the easiest brake to install, operate & maintain. Available in five different sizes, the V-Brake can provide the necessary torque range to fit practically any application.

The V-Brake ships fully completed with safety cover but can also be equipped with a built in fan to provide users extra heat dissipation at very low speeds.

V- Brake Features

  • Up to 3300X Torque Capacity
  • “Snap In-Snap Out” Style Pads
  • No Adapter Plates Needed–Ships as a complete brake with safety cover
  • Bi-directional operation
    • Wind or Unwind from the top or bottom of a roll
  • Easy, 2-Bolt Installation
  • High Thermal Capacity Disc
  • Increased cooling enables greater torque at very low speeds

Learn more about the V Brake

Tool of the Month: Brake Sizing Calculator

Montalvo’s online Tools provide you the answers you’re looking for to your Tension Control Questions. This month we feature our Brake Sizing Calculator to accurately determine the correct size brake required of your application.

Get the Brake Sizing Calculator Here

January 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Variable Wrap Angle Technology™
Product Spotlight: CB-64 Controllers
Tool of the Month: Material Maximum Tension Value’s Reference Guide

Variable Wrap Angle Technology™

(Excerpt) “Variable Wrap Angle Technology™, a Montalvo exclusive, improves on conventional web tension measurement and control by eliminating the need for isolation of the tension sensing roll with a lead-in or lead-out idler roll, saving money and valuable machine real estate.

This technology allows installation of load cells for web tension measurement and control on the first idler roll after an unwind roll, or on the last idler roll prior to the rewinder. This means customers can save space and save money by installing fewer idler rolls on the machine.

Additionally, the technology may allow the retrofit of a closed-loop tension control system where it was not thought possible before due to space and cost restrictions. This system can also be used where the material being processed may only contact a roll on one side, such as with sensitive coatings or adhesives. Variable Wrap Angle technology is featured on all Montalvo CB-64-based tension controllers. The CB-64 control system is the first and only stand-alone tension controller in the industry with this capability…”

To Read the Entire Article & Learn More About Variable Wrap Angle Technology Click Here

Product Spotlight: CB-64 Controllers

The CB-64 Circuit Board provides some of the most advanced features & technology while maximizing ease of use. Create an instant upgrade to your application and achieve a quick Return on Investment while creating lasting profit increases. CB-64 based controllers include the X-3400, DTI-3400, and D-3400 Tension Controllers.

CB-64 Features Include:

  • Load Cell (X-3400) or Dancer (DTI-3400, D-3400) Compatible Unwind, Intermediate, or Rewind Zone Capable
  • Accurate, Precise, Repeatable Tension Control
  • Easy Operation
  • Differential Winding Capable
  • Range Expansion
  • Web Break Detection
  • Inertia Compensation
  • Transferable Memory Card
  • RS-232 Interface to a Computer or PLC Industrial Standard Fieldbus Connections

Whether you are using load cells or dancer arms, or need improvements to your unwind, intermediate, or rewind zone, the CB-64 can do it all.

A CB-64 Controller simply allows your machine to do more, perform better, & maximize end product quality. Throw away less; sell more, with the CB-64!

Check out Montalvo’s full line up of Tension Controllers

Tool of the Month: Material Maximum Tension Value’s Reference Guide

Montalvo’s online Tools provide you the answers you’re looking for to your Tension Control Question. This month we feature our Material Maximum Tension Value’s Reference Guide for quick and easy look up of typical materials and what their maximum tension allowance is.

View the Tension Value Reference Guide