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The Importance of Load Cells
Video: Load Cell Sensitivity and Resolution
Tension Control Delivered to you in 1-2 weeks

The Importance of Load Cells
A look into this vital component of quality tension control

Excerpt – “The trend towards faster, wider web width machinery and the processing of a broader range of substrates has resulted in a greater emphasis being placed on tension control equipment.

Without an accurate method of measurement and control, product quality and productivity will be affected. Distortions in a material, stretched as a result of excessive tension, can be just as counterproductive as folds and creases from too low a tension. Web breaks and the consequent downtime are costly affairs.”

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Load Cell Sensitivity and Resolution
Superior tension control starts with a superior tension signal

Take a more detailed look into two of the most important factors in selecting an ideal load cell for your application. Superior tension control is dependent on a superior tension signal so your controller is accounting for even the slightest changes in tension. This ensures maximum productivity and higher quality end products.

Here we feature a video walk through of these two aspects of load cells, as well as provide testing data and more on our very own load cells.

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Tension Control Delivered to you in 1-2 weeks
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