• S4 Tension Controller

    S4 Controller (Surface Mount)

  • S4 Tension Controller

    S4 (panel mount)

  • S4 Tension Controller

    Set it and Forget it

  • S4 Tension Controller

    The Easiest Controller to Install

S4 Tension Controller

The easiest controller in the industry to set up, calibrate, and operate while still offering a full range of features designed to make your process more productive, while allowing you to simply Set It & Forget It.

Performance & Ease combine to maximize your profitability.

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Unwind or Rewind Tension Control

Compatible with both Strain Gauge and Foil Gauge Load Cells

Available as a Panel or Surface Mount

Compatible  with Pneumatic or Electric Brakes

Soft Start: Minimizes tension upsets during start up

Anti-Coast: Prevents web tension from dropping during rapid deceleration

Splice: Maintains tension on materials during flying splice, resulting in successful splices without tension changes

Taper: Gradually reduces tension on your material as your roll builds on the rewind, eliminating telescoping, starred rolls, or crushed cores

Inertia Compensation: Minimizes tension variation during start and stop

Web Break Detection: Programmable alarms or stop machine should a break occur, reducing waste and productivity loss

Remote Setpoint: Remotely input or adjust tension setpoint

Remotely Control Tension On/Off

Select-able 110/220V or 24V Models Available

Material Recall Memory
Store up to 15 different settings for the materials you run for fast and easy recall to give your machine extreme flexibility

Easy Operation
Tension is automatically controlled with only a few key button presses making it the easiest controller in the industry to operate with minimal operator interaction.

Enhanced Productivity From Shift to Shift
Standardized settings combined with stored material tensions gets your application running quicker, and eliminates variations in productivity from shift to shift.

Set It & Forget It Technology
With a few simple button presses your machine operates at maximum efficiency without constant monitoring.

Progressive Gain Technology
Montalvo’s advanced technology ensures uniform control regardless of roll diameter through advanced algorithms & proven technology.

Analog Meter
The S4 can be combined with the M4 Analog Tension Meter to add analog tension display when needed.

For additional information on the S4 Digital Tension Controller please download the S4 Datasheet.


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