July 2013 Newsletter

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Video: ES Load Cell Sensitivity
1 Week Load Cell Delivery

Video: ES Load Cell Sensitivity

Montalvo manufacturers some of the industry’s most sensitive load cells with leading repeatability ratings.
See exactly what that means and what it means for you with the ES Load Cell Sensitivity video demonstration.

Check out the video here

1 Week Load Cell Delivery es dead shaft idler load cell featured image

Exceptional product quality & performance delivered to you within 1 week for North American markets and within 2 weeks for all other markets (standard load ratings apply).

Montalvo’s ES-I Dead Shaft-Idler Style load cells feature industry leading sensitivity and repeatability, a 100% stainless steel body, IP-54 (dust proof) rating and unique mechanical variance compensation.

ES-I load cells are also available in 3 different mounting configurations:

  • Standard
  • Flange
  • Split pillow block

ES Series Load Cells are capable of detecting a wider range of tension changes and thus feature standard load ratings that are effective for a majority of applications (non-standard load ratings are still available).

Standard load ratings include:

  • Size O: 50 lbs (250 N)
  • Size 0: 150 lbs (750 N)
  • Size 2: 150 lbs (750 N)
  • Size 2: 500 lbs (2500 N)

For example, the Size 0, 150 lb (750 N) load cell, repeatably  detects tension changes from 0.44 lbs (1.996 N) up to 150 lbs of tension.

A chart of complete load cell testing data and effective tension ranges can be seen here.  Check out the ES-I Dead Shaft-Idler product page for a full list of features, datasheets, drawings, mounting styles, load ratings and more.