July 2015 Better Web Control Newsletter

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New Video: TSC Demonstration
New Guardian Safety Chucks
New Z4 Tension Controller

Torque Sensing Control System Video Demonstration
Check out the latest innovation in open loop tension control.
TSC Video Demo
For the first time ever in an open loop control system, you get a precise, reliable tension reference that operators can use to ensure consistent, high quality production runs.

Check out the video to see this new technology in action and what it means for increasing your productivity and profitability.
Watch the Video

Learn more about the Torque Sensing Control System

New Guardian Safety Chucks
Shorter lead times, increased performance and lower total cost of ownership.

Introducing our newest line of performance driven safety chucks – The Guardian Series.

Guardian Safety Chuck and Replaceable Inserts

Safety Chuck & Replaceable Inserts

All new hardened replaceable inserts save manufacturer’s time and costs by only needing to replace the inserts as opposed to an entire handwheel when maintenance is needed, and can be replaced quickly and easily. New inserts also add versatility as they can be swapped out to accommodate other shaft sizes on the same safety chuck. Guardian Safety Chucks also feature an increased safety factor (A2), longer service┬álife, easier roll loading and has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

President Ed Montalvo says “The Guardian Safety Chucks represent the next evolution of our safety chuck line as we incorporated all the elements of our KL line that made them the preferred safety chucks for manufacturers while adding new functionality and features to create a new patent pending product. Manufactures are able to protect their machine operators and their rolls while decreasing lifetime costs, reducing maintenance time, and utilize a higher performing safety chuck.”

For a full list of features and for more information on the All NEW Guardian Safety Chucks please visit the G1800 Product Web Page

The New Z4 Tension Controller – Available Now
Official announcement coming soon!

Z4 Web Tension Controller

Z4 Web Tension Controller

7″ HD Interactive Display Screen

Control Any Tension Zone

  • Unwind
  • Intermediate (Nip)
  • Rewind

Utilizes Multi Feedback Sources

  • Load Cells
  • Dancer
  • Both

Full Range of Features and Functions

Stay tuned for our official Z4 Launch Announcement.

See the entire line up of Z4 Tension Controllers

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