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In-Depth Look: Brake Noise
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Brake Noise
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Brake noise is a very elusive problem that has plagued the industry since asbestos materials were banned decades ago. Until that time, noise had not been a problem. A friction material specialist explained that asbestos is hygroscopic, meaning it has the affinity to attract water molecules. In braking applications, it is thought that the moisture in the asbestos keeps the surfaces cooler during the evaporation process and lubricates the mating surfaces. But, people working with brakes and friction materials need a safe environment separated from the dangerous effects of breathing asbestos particles.

Sound is created by vibration. With dry-friction applications, two components are rubbing against each other; in this case the friction pad, and the cast-iron disc surface. The resulting vibration from these two bodies may result in frequencies above or below the audible human range. We run into trouble when it is within the audible human range. A professor at the University of Maine once compared a friction type brake pad and brake disc to a violin. As the players run the bow across the string, both vibrate and the string in engineered to resonate at a particular audible pitch. The design of the violin “box” amplifies the sound. With the brake system, contributing sources of vibration and the right environmental conditions lead to an audible “noise” and it is possible the disc amplifies these sound vibrations.

Montalvo has spent a great deal of time and energy over the years discovering causes and finding solutions to brake noise. There are two approaches to solving this problem. (1) eliminate the vibrations causing the audible noise or (2) accept a certain degree of vibration in the system and attempt to dampen it to levels not audible by the human ear. Dampening features can be added to any component of the brake system and into the friction material itself. The dampening characteristics of the pad, however, are affected by operating conditions and the environment. The feasibility of such dampening methods must also be considered.

Summer Shutdown Service and Support
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Montalvo offers a wide range of services and a summer shutdown can be the perfect opportunity to have a Montalvo Applications Specialist look over your machine. To help you achieve more we offer:

  • Tune ups for your existing equipment
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  • Installation and start-up assistance, or
  • Training sessions for your team members

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