June 2015 Better Web Control Newsletter

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BLUE Lifetime Assurance
ES Size 1 Load Cells

Montalvo BLUE Lifetime Assurance
Here for you!

The Standard for Reliability, Dependability and Performance

Since 1947 Montalvo has been providing the web tension control products, services and support our customers depend on to maximize their process productivity. We are committed to providing you our very best in every way, being there for you, whether its just a question or a complete tension control upgrade.

BLUE Lifetime Assurance is the embodiment of that commitment to you.

Our industry, application, and process knowledge has become an industry standard and our uncompromising service and support let’s you know we will always be there for you.

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All New ES Size 1 Dead Shaft-Idler Load Cell
Drop in and upgrade the capabilities of your machine.

We have expanded our range of sizes of the ES Dead Shaft-Idler Load Cell to ensure full dimensional equivalency regardless of the type of machine you are running.

The New Size 1 joins the current size 0 and 2 models. With three sizes the ES-I load cell can easily be installed into machines to replace existing load cells or within the dimensional requirements of new OEM machines.

ES-I load cells are designed to be used in applications utilizing dead shaft idler rolls that require high quality and high performance load cells with longer service lives.

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