March 2015 Better Web Control Newsletter

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All NEW TSC System
ICE Europe

A Game Changer in Tension Control
The all new Torque Sensing Control System (TSC)

  • Have a machine that cannot accommodate load cells or retrofits due to space limitations, costs, etc?
  • Have no defined or a changing web path, or have the web traveling directly from the unwind roll into processing?
  • Have a web that cannot be contacted after unwind by rollers or requires minimal roller contact (ex: coating, film, foil ,etc applications)?
  • Have multiple unwind stands that each require cost effective, simple control, and a simple web path (ex:
  • Have an existing open loop system and want to improve consistency and quality?
  • Have a PLC or similar system and want to control torque with minimal modification and effort?

If you experience any of these within your application then the new TSC System can deliver the accuracy, consistency and quality tension control you require to expand your production capabilities.

For more on how the TSC System works, benefits, or to learn more about how the TSC can easily integrate into your machine please…

Contact an Applications Specialists

ICE Europe 2015 Hall A6 Stand 481

See our latest tension control technology Z4, Guardian Chucks, and TSC System

Over the past year we have been working hard at developing some real industry game changers, and they are making their debut at ICE.

The Z4, Guardian Chucks and TSC System offer a variety of new functions, features, and patent pending technology that the industry just hasn’t seen before, and will truly improve the capabilities of existing and new machines.

In today’s competitive landscape every advantage matters and these products deliver.

Z4 Tension Controller

Configurable for Unwind, Nip/Intermediate, or Rewind Zone Tension Control the Z4 combines performance, functionality, and ease of use into one package.

Guardian Safety Chucks

Longer service lives, easier loading, increased safety factor and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Our patent pending Guardian Safety Chucks are built to perform.

TSC Torque Sensing Control System

The latest innovation in tension control brings near closed loop levels of accuracy and precision to open loop/diameter based tension control systems. Featuring the patent pending Torque Sensing Brakes, the TSC System is an all in one total package delivering increased product quality, reduced scrap, and increased productivity.

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