NEW Montalvo Torque Activated Core Chucks

Defining the New Standard in Core Chuck Technology

Montalvo’s NEW Torque Activated Core Chucks are ideal for continuous light duty or heavy duty shaftless unwind or rewind applications. This will give you precise, consistent tension control from full roll to core. These self-expanding and self-blocking core chucks are designed with wider lugs to ensure minimal to no core damage and engage the core as a result of the reel’s rolling action. TA Core Chucks are available with Modular Adapters when working with multiple core sizes up to 12″.


Torque Activated Core Chuck

“Our new line of Torque Activated Core Chucks continues our long tradition of offering higher quality and higher performance products capable of meeting a range of application parameters to deliver Better Web Control to almost any process”
– Robin Goodwin, CEO

  • Features include:
  • Drop-In Replacement Design – For easy upgrading of existing installations
  • No Operator Interaction, Tools, or Air Required for Expansion, Retraction, and Disengagement
  • Industry Leading Jaw Expansion Even At Low Torque
  • Superior Construction – Featuring forged steel, a high load capacity, and greater durability in harsh or dusty environments, while still being highly cost-effective.
  • Bi-directional Operation – Jaw expansion is designed to activate with roll rotation in either direction
  • Easy Removal and Insertion – Reduces risk of jammed cores and saves you time
  • Single Diameter or Dual Diameter Models Available
  • Automatic Core Releases – TA Core Chucks are available with Flange Ejector or Kicker Spring for automatic core releases
  • Smooth Lugs/Jaws Available

Achieve More with our new line of Montalvo Core Chucks!

Visit the Torque Activated Core Chuck Product Page or, click here to view our full line up of core chucks.