• Torque Activated Core Chucks

    Torque Activated Core Chuck

  • Torque Activated Core Chucks

    Torque Activated Core Chuck

  • Torque Activated Core Chucks

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Torque Activated Core Chucks

Montalvo’s flange-mounted steel GR-Series torque-activated core chucks incorporate leaves that self-expand through reel rotation combined with web tension. They are ideal for high weight, speed, and tension unwind or rewind applications (i.e., sheeting, paper, laminating, etc.) for precise, consistent tension control from full roll to the core. The GR Series is also available in a Step Design or with bolt-on Adapters when working with multiple core sizes from 3″ to 16″.

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Drop-In Replacement Design
For easy upgrading of existing installations

No Operator Interaction, Tools, or Air Required for Expansion, Retraction, and Disengagement

Automatic Core Release
With no torque, the leaves spring retract to the relaxed position

Bi-directional Operation
Jaw expansion is designed to activate with roll rotation in either direction

Flange or Center Bolt Mount

Available with additional manual locking of leaf expanders

Bolt on Adapters
Offers multi core capability

Step Design Option
Offers dual core capability in a single chuck

Core Sizes from 3” to 16″

Concentric Mechanical Expansion

Rugged, Durable, Dependable Performance for Lower Total Cost of Ownership

High Performance and Quality Even in Dusty Environments

For additional information on our Torque Activated Core Chucks download the


GR Series

Torque Activated Models

(per chuck)
3″ (70mm)
4″ (100mm)
5″ (125mm)
6″ (150mm)
Max. Capacity
lb (N)
3,600 (16,000) 4,720 (21,000) 6,050 (27,000) 7,870 (35,000)
Max. Torque
in-lb (Nm)
4,870 (550) 7,080 (800) 11,000 (1,250) 16,800 (1,900)
Max. Torque
in-lb (Nm)
3,365 (380) 4,600 (520) 7,350 (830) 10,180 (1,150)

*Standard Models only. Please contact your Montalvo representative for Non-Standard requirements.
All models available as STEP CHUCK format allowing for maximum machine efficiency when changing core sizes.


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