November 2011 Newsletter

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Montalvo capitalizes on LinkedIn’s NEW “Company Status Updates” to quickly and directly communicate with the Web Tension Control Community
Press Release: Montalvo Upgrades for Mark Andy & Other Narrow Web Pesses

Montalvo capitalizes on LinkedIn’s NEW “Company Status Updates” to quickly and directly communicate with the Web Tension Control Community

Montalvo is utilizing LinkedIn’s New Company Status Updates to directly share announcements, product releases, promotions, news articles and more directly with our LinkedIn followers.

Share your comments, feedback, and discuss posts directly with Montalvo, our followers, or your followers. Gain access to information faster for greater direct engagement amongst the web tension control community.

In an increasing effort to best communicate directly with you our customers, create ongoing conversations, and share information across the globe, LinkedIn’s Company Status Updates ensure timely and readily available information.

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Press Release: Montalvo Upgrades for Mark Andy & Other Narrow Web Presses

“Gorham, Maine- The Montalvo Corporation, international specialists in industrial web control systems, has installed upgrades to Mark Andy 2200 presses that have provided many benefits for users, such as:

  •  increased production
  • minimized waste
  • reduced set-up time
  • no time lost for upgrade installation
    more machine flexibility
  • ability to run a variety of products
  • easier for operators to use

The Montalvo upgrade system allows for tension control on extensible materials from full roll to the core on Mark Andy 2200 presses. Where older systems have a drive belt and pulley system that are heavy and create too much torque for accurate web tension control, the Montalvo system uses no belts and no pulleys. The upgrade features a Montalvo C-Series brake assembly that weighs less than the old pulleys and will control web tension down to one p.s.i. or 0.57 lb.-in. of torque.”

Visit Montalvo’s Mark Andy Press Upgrade Pages for a step by step walk through on a couple previous Mark Andy Press upgrades.