October 2012 Newsletter

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NEW PRODUCT! Micro Rotary Union (MRU)
Tour the CORR! Exclusive video of Montalvo’s SuperCorr 2012 Booth #3035
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NEW PRODUCT! Micro Rotary Union (MRU)

Micro Rotary Union (MRU)

Micro Rotary Union (MRU)

Montalvo introduces its newest product; the MRU Micro Rotary Union! The Montalvo Micro Rotary Union is a mechanical rotating device that allows the transfer of air to and from rotating equipment. It is used in machinery that requires a constant air flow during rotation and can operate at speeds of up to 7000 RPM with a maximum air pressure of 75 psi.

The small size is ideal for use in applications with limited space. The MRU uses micro precision instrument bearings and a carbon seal. The shaft is made of rugged stainless steel.

For more detailed information on the MRU, datasheets, drawings, and more visit the MRU Product Webpage

Tour the CORR! Exclusive video of Montalvo’s SuperCorr 2012 Booth #3035

Weren’t able to attend this years SuperCorr Expo 2012 or just want to see what Montalvo was exhibiting? Take a walk through Montalvo’s booth via our exclusive video tour. On display were Montalvo’s Langston and Martin Roll Stand Brake Upgrade Packages, as well as a working demo of our U-Series Under Pillow Block Load Cells.

Even if you aren’t in the corrugating industry Montalvo shows you just how it easy it is to upgrade your tension brakes to a V Series Brake featuring easy installation, greater performance capabilities, and tool-LESS, snap out-snap in pad changes.

What do YOU want to SEE? Montalvo wants to hear from you!

Montalvo has started putting together a new series of videos on a variety of topics such as product how-to’s, product features, product’s in action, and more. What videos would be the most beneficial to you? What do you want to see? What do you want highlighted and showcased? Feature? Benefit? Calibration or Installation Procedure? You name it, just let us know.

In our commitment to provide you high quality, informative content, Montalvo’s new video series hopes to bring visibility to many of the features, benefits, and questions you may have wondered about. Simply reply to this email with what video topic you’d like to see!